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Vishal Dadlani Quits AAP After Tarun Sagar Fiasco


‘Politics is the game of astute’ was proved once again when Vishal Dadlani who’s more famous than Kejriwal himself decided to distance himself from politics once and forever.

Vishal’s tweet on Jain saint Tarun Sagar led to a huge public outcry and he was criticized for speaking ill of someone who is not only respected by the Jain community but also by others.

In a tweet on Saturday, Mr Dadlani had mocked the Jain leader’s address to the Haryana assembly on Friday.He later deleted the tweet but condemnation of the tweet only increased and was trending on Twitter for hours.

Dadlani quits AAP

Apart from the usual criticism what struck was the tweet by Arvind Kejriwal against Dadlani.

Delhi Home Minister Satyendra Jain too apologised for Dadlani’s tweet.

Dadlani not only mocked Tarun Sagar’s speech but also his attire and Jain’s nude appearance that particularly did not sit well with the people.

Sagar belongs to the Digambar sect of Jainism who renounce earthly pleasures, clothes being one. Sagar in his speech spoke about politics, female foeticide and Pakistan.

His dais was placed higher than other officials to avoid any unforeseen incident.

This incident however did not go unnoticed by the media who openly bashed the government for not booking Sagar for public indecency, Vishal tweeted about Sagar with a tinge of sarcasm and that backfired!

Vishal did not tweet anything remotely offensive.

People have escaped with worse but Dadlani seemed to have been at wrong place and wrong time. Aam Aadmi Party is already in a fix with the backlash it is receiving for its policies and corruption abundant government.

Hence, when Dadlani who has religiously supported AAP and even made songs for their election campaigns committed the folly, AAP decided to part ways and protect its party’s image.

Because it was a religious matter no one could openly come out in support of Vishal no one from the music industry or otherwise.

Other political parties decided to stay mum and save their skin. It is ironic that people were speaking the same thing Dadlani tweeted about- his nudity in public, but Dadlani became the scapegoat because one, he is a person of prominence two, it is twitter and twitter works in magical ways and three, it is a religious issue that can get perceptions royally screwed up.

No party wants to get actively involved in defence or attack because the public opinion is a fragile thing that can swing in any direction.

BJP, the ruling party has so far not commented on the issue and will not so as to keep itself neutral and safe from any controversy.

This proves that it’s not just politics but something as far fetched and virtual as twitter is also religiously driven. ( So much for progressive India!)

But Dadlani was probably following Kejriwal’s footsteps who in February had tweeted an obscene image on JNU case and was bestowed with an FIR lodged by Hindu Sena.

The image portrayed certain religious groups in bad light and Kejriwal had again found himself in crossfire.

dadlani quits AAP

Although Vishal repeatedly apologised for the tweet clearing his stand it was of no use. He announced that he has quit politics for good because it was obvious that he lacks shrewdness and the skill to be mean.

Mr. Sagar may not have an opportunity to speak in Vidhan Sabha again because an outcry like this one will happen always and he will not cover himself up.

This matter is not even close to finished and Dadlani’s involvement has only brought it more attention, probably more than needed.

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