The comment section of certain posts is usually not a very interesting place to be. People most often just tag other people or make a general type of comment that is nothing new, however, there are times when the comment section can be a very happening place something that happened in a recent Instagram post by matrimonial site

A post made by the site on Instagram saw an unexpected interaction turn flirtatious right in front of everyone’s eyes making it go viral and even catching the attention of Anupam Mittal, the founder of the company itself.

What Happened?

On 24th November, the popular Indian matrimonial site posted on its official Instagram page a meme using the “girl math” trend writing “Wife math is wanting space after a fight. But also wanting a Jaadu ki jhappi.”

Most of the people left comments on it in the usual fashion but one woman named Nishika or @___.nishika wrote “Agar usko ‘space’ ka importance pata hai toh meri taraf se haan hai (If he knows the importance of space, then it is a yes from me).”

To this user shreyanshpandey_ or Shreyansh Pandey replied saying “Haan ma’am bilkul important hai, after all keyboard ka sabse bada button hai (Yes ma’am it is definitely important, after all it is the biggest button on the keyboard).”

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Nishika continued the conversation writing “hahaha you’re cute” to which Pandey added “Mummy bahu milgayi hai, profile delete kar raha hu (Mother I found a daughter-in-law for you, going to delete my profile on”

Nishika then added a cheeky “Check DM” after which the interaction blew up, quickly going viral not just on Instagram but even on X/Twitter with people commenting on it.

So much so that it even caught the attention of the company’s CEO and founder Anupam Mittal.

Reacting to the post Mittal in a lighthearted manner commented “, kya ho raha hai insta par? Dhandha bandh karwaoge kya? (What is happening on Insta? Want to shut down the business?)”

The platform replying to Mittal on X/Twitter said “Dhanda toh badhte rahega, abhi baat aage badhate hai (the business will expand, but for now, let’s talk about this matter)”. was also being flooded with people asking for an update about the couple to which they responded with a letter to “The Internet” with the caption “Jodiyan kabhi uparwala banata hai aur kabhi comment section [At times heaven makes pairs and at times comments section].”

In the letter, they said “When we saw two people interacting in our comments section, we smiled, we laughed and also asked, “Bhai update????” We thought of doing a lot of things for them too. But the best thing that we can give them is something they vibed on a little bit of space. Let’s continue to cheer for them and hype them while we respect their privacy. Let’s not spam their DMs and follow up with them. So we don’t have an update for you, but after over 20 years of matchmaking, we can tell you one thing: most relationships work out when you give them a little space.”

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