Love at first sight, has captivated the hearts and minds of countless individuals, fueling fantasies of having a relationship that is instant and spontaneous. However, I believe that this concept is flawed because it doesn’t consider the depth and complexities of love.

When we talk about “love at first sight”, we talk about loving the physical appearance of a person. I believe that when we fall for a person’s physical appearance, we must never call it love.

Physical appearance is just a minute part. Other than physical appearance, there are a lot of things one must consider when falling in love, which cannot be observed and understood at first sight. 

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Secondly, “love at first sight” is often short-lived as we mistake the concept for love, when it actually is “infatuation”. You can “like” a person at first sight, but in the case of love, it requires deeper understanding, emotional understanding, maturity for handling challenges, and commitment. All of these are missing in “love at first sight”, and when it is faced with challenges, the “love”  tends to fade. 

I get it that Bollywood has romanticized the idea of “love at first sight”. We fantasize a love like this in our lives where we just make eye contact and we dramatically fall in love with a person. 

However, in real life, this doesn’t hold true. Love can never be summed up in “first sight”. Yes, you might develop feelings for a person, but loving them needs dedication and commitment. Hence, I feel that the concept of “love at first sight” is flawed.

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