The aviation industry is struggling to survive today. Many airlines, including Air India, are facing losses. In fact, the government is diluting its stake in Air India now so that a private entity can apply its expertise to bring it to profit.

Today, air travel is no more a luxury. In fact, people who travel in the economy class often complain of staff’s rude behavior and related inconveniences they face during their journey.

When I see pictures of flights today, there is nothing about them that says luxurious. I couldn’t help but compare it with Air India’s Boeing 747 from the 70s that screamed opulence and magnificence.

Sam Chui, a Chinese-Australian travel vlogger (video blogger) and photographer posted what it was like to travel in Air India 747 back then. These vintage pictures take us back to that decade and show how authentic the air travel experience used to be.

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From the pictures, it is very clear that the experience was defined by class, comfort, and culture.

Today, the priority of the so-called best Indian airlines is to provide you with a foreign experience. Air India 747, however, took pride in flaunting its Indian heritage and culture.

Can you imagine traveling in an aircraft that has been embellished with Indian craft? Well, you could experience that in Air India 747

The upper deck of the aircraft had Maharaja lounges. The experience in these lounges was so rich that it was marketed as “Your Palace In The Sky“.

air india 747

Air Hostesses adorned in colorful and beautiful sarees, celebrating Indian culture in skies

air india 747

On a scale of 1-10, how fascinated are you? Feels bad for not having been born earlier to be able to experience this, right? Well, with the government trying to popularize Indian culture, we hope that this sort of experience comes back in airlines.


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