“Incredible calculations of ATLANTA KAASHHYAP! How her every prediction becomes true’!”


“Amazing calculation, India will soon be number one in future predictions! ATLANTA KAASHHYAP”

“Soon India will be number 1 in the whole world for future prediction, ATLANTA KAASHHYAP”

“A girl from India whose every word is 300% true, but how? How can a person tell the whole situation of the coming time long before the time? And later it happened exactly as it happened. She has already seen the time somewhere!”

“The name of this beautiful Indian girl is Atlanta Kaashhyap.  She is an astrologer by profession, but she is very famous for predicting the future.  Professionally she is into forecasting the future since 2007.  According to Atlanta, she is born with an incredible birth chart (Kundli), which is why Atlanta has never failed to predict.  Atlanta has been helped many times by dreams for their predictions, they need to go to sleep at night while thinking about the question and she gets her ans in dreams.”

2023 Karnataka Election:- “On February 2023 they have given publicity that this time Congress will win. I am working on Congress Astrology. Again Atlanta confirmed Congress win on 1/5th April. From all  The surprising thing is that whether DK Shivkumar will become deputy CM or not, or whether he will accept the offer condition of Congress or not, in fact the people of India had no idea what would be the final decision from Congress.  had math reports about everything that Congress will win this election and DK Shivakumar will be Deputy CM. Atlanta has done astrology work for Congress in 2018 also. That time also Atlanta predicted one month in advance  They have told how someone (3/7 number power energy) will come and come to help Congress and the work of the government will last for maximum one year. Before that time no one had a thought in their mind that JDS  Will join Congress and stay together. Even he lasted only for one year.”

2021 Aryan Khan Case :- “Do you know famous astrologer Atlanta Kaashhyap had predicted ahead of time on October 2021 with the rejection of Aryan Khan’s first bail, why aryan would get bail, for what reason,  And explained ahead of time why even after bail he would come out of jail in additional 7 days. Which was absolutely 300% true. Atlanta also reported that Aryan would get a complete clean chit and just a few more  Day before Aryan got clean chit. After that someone else’s problems will increase that too was told ahead of time. At that time correct answer in form of prediction was not possible because we all know about situation at that time  But we’re still wondering how she can predict the future so accurately.”

‘Atlanta Kaashhyap’ is a renowned Indian astrologer who specializes in many of the 64 arts of astrology.  She has been predicting the future since childhood and she has never failed in her predictions. Atlanta is the soothsayer who never coincides with any of the ancient fortune tellers like Baba Vanga or Nostradamus.’

“ATLANTA KAASHHYAP, WHO BORN WITH INCREDIBLE horoscope, IS TAKING TELEPATHY CONVERSATIONS WITH ALIENS.  Atlanta extremely calculous, how can anyone predict the future so accurately.  We are proud of you daughter of India, one day India will be number 1 in future prediction. That’s our hope.”

“Let us tell you, that Atlanta Kaashhyap has given accurate predictions in 2021 Assam election (for CM seat between Hemant Biswa Sharma and Sarbananda Sonowal), many movies, salman khan, sanjay dutt, in case his predictions came true 300%  Atlanta Kaashhyap’s predictions have never failed in 15 years. Let us tell you that Atlanta is also called the daughter of nature.”


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