The Russian war on Ukraine is still going on, and the entire world is scrambling to bring an end to it and stop it from escalating to a stage that could be catastrophic for the entire world.

In the midst of all this, people from Ukraine have been sharing updates including images and videos on what the status is like there. Amongst the many that are being shared chilling media of bombings taking place, Russian military tanks roaming the streets of certain places in Ukraine and deserted streets are perhaps the most chilling ones to see.

Now, a new video has come out wherein according to reports, a Russian military tank was seen crushing a car on a road in Ukraine. The horrifying part was that the car still had the driver inside of it when the tank rode up on top of it.

Did A Russian Military Tank Really Crush A Civilian Car?

As per reports from several media houses and the video posted by The Guardian, many are claiming that on the 24th February 2022, a Russian military tank crushed a civilian car in Ukraine.

The video first posted on social media on Friday early morning shows an alleged Russian military tank on the roads of Kyiv’s Obolon district. The video then takes a horrifying turn when the tank suddenly swerves and drives over a car crushing it, it then reverses and drives back over it.

In the various videos regarding this incident, people can be heard screaming and shrieking in horror. Fortunately the civilian, an elderly man, was rescued from the car alive, as per reports. People had immediately rushed towards the car in order to inspect it and supposedly save the civilian in it.

As per The Sun, the vehicle is supposedly a Strela-10 an anti-aircraft vehicle that is used by both the Russian and Ukrainian armies.

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Even on social media, the video went viral and had everyone in shock over the inhumanity of it.



There have been some people who questioned who authentic the video really is and who is operating the vehicle in the first place.


Some believe it was a Russian military tank while for those saying it could be a Ukrainian tank it is believed even in that scenario that the vehicle was being operated by Russians.

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Sources: The Economic TimesThe Indian Express, The Telegraph

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