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Vaughn Cohen – The emerging body transformation expert, whose fitness mantras are the talk of the town


Vaughn’s amazing training programs have benefitted hordes of clients who vouch for his bang on the target results.

The fitness industry is the fastest growing industry presently as many aspiring fitness enthusiasts and wannabe fit population are driving in huge numbers towards it. The demand for fitness professionals has also grown with time and those whose time tested results have benefitted many are all the more in demand. Vaughn Cohen is one such fitness expert from Marbella whose amazing body transformations have been gaining momentum in recent times. Many have undergone his training programs which have benefitted them immensely. This much in demand professional has been making waves in the fitness sector since long and has become the most sought after body transformation specialist who many of his clients crave for attention. Fitness guru Vaughn Cohen’s training programs have been gaining much popularity of late, and why not, for its giving optimum results in no time. His well laid dietary plans backed by targeted body transformation programs have sculpted many bodies to perfection making him one of the most sought after training professionals in the industry.

This Marbella based fitness trainer was not the most looked upon knowledgeable mind during his early days and pretty much made the same mistakes one does as a beginner wanting to transform his body. Undergoing rigorous training during his initial days took a toll on his health resulting in a torn deltoid muscle and a bad back. His movements were restricted to such a point that he was unable to carry on his daily chores with ease. Realizing his mistakes, he went ahead and ended up enrolling in Nick Mitchells gym in Marbella, which boasted of the most knowledgeable fitness coaches in town. The introduction of Elliot Upton, one of the finest fitness coaches Marbella has ever had was a boon for Vaughn and soon he started gaining form under his guidance. The dietary plans and workout regime that Upton sketched out for him worked wonders and he was back in action in no time.

Years of experience and experimenting with various training programs and diet plans has made Vaughn master the art of fitness, and today, he can be easily termed as one of the best fitness industry has ever had, without an iota of doubt.

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