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Marko Filipovic; An Insight on Social Media Marketing from The Number One Social Media Expert and Mentor


Aim High, Achieve High, Live High!

To be ahead of the rest of the herd and following a different and unconventional path requires quite a lot of courage. Especially in this age of utter competition and sheer rivalry, it is quite difficult for anyone to be successful in any field for that matter. Going against the gradient and not following the trivial ways is what Marko Filipovic has done. Marko has started like a regular 17 year old working at MCDonalds. Soon after, Marko realized there is so much more he is capable of and so much more that can do in order to live his best life! Filipovic was pretty much right, he started his own online agency in the beginning of 2020 and he saw great success, as he soon managed to be the number one of all young existing social media marketing professionals in the market. He made this journey more exciting and daring by opening three marketing agencies of his own that have scaled to 6 figures.

Having humble beginnings from Serbia, he decided to scale up his digital marketing business and not to be limited to just his social circle. However, going global came with its own set of responsibilities and dedicated efforts. He had to burn the midnight oil to reach where he stands today. Broadening his horizons and customer satisfaction were the two tasks demanding from him going that extra mile that he did.

Every business owner on the face of this earth wants to earn the maximum possible profit. Still, just a handful of them succeed in doing so. You sure can set on this journey of building your business venture on your own, but to see best success you should avail yourself of the services of a mentor to do so. Having talked about his career, journey, and portfolio briefly, it is needless to say that he is the right man for that job. And you know what happens when you hire the right man to do the right job? Miracles! Even vouched by his peers and rivals, he stands at the pinnacle of his field in Digital Marketing, Online PR, and scaling people and their agencies to 6 figures!

All this glory demanded from him to learn and upgrade his services and skills. He took courses and learned new techniques to be on par with the latest market trends. He makes sure that your business gets the online presence it deserves. The working methodology of Filipovic is unique from the other players. He first observes your business in-depth and then analyzes your current marketing strategies, if any, then takes his time and comes up with a unique and tailor-made marketing strategy to meet the ends of your business.

Statistics don’t lie! And in this case, they are singing the songs of Filipovic’s excellence and professionalism. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, all the social platforms show Filipovic’s portfolio and the results that he helped his clients achieve through his unique skill set.

Online presence is the key to making sure that your business performs well. Being in the highlights in a unique and non-cliched manner is an art as it requires a substantial amount of experience. Filipovic has worked with clients of different backgrounds. Filipovic has so far helped 500+ of his clients achieve their social media targets and gaining a significant advantage over their competitors. He is not stopping here as he has helped many online agencies scale to six figures or more!

Filipovic aims to empower the youth to have a digital source of income as the conventional 9 to 5 grind renders nothing creative and exceptional out of you except the ordinary targets. He wants the millennial business professionals to maximize their social media presence, and he is enabling them to do so through his coaching and mentoring. After establishing his unbeatable reputation in the industry, he has decided to give back to society. And he is doing so by coaching the aspiring social media experts. Shoot for the moon, and if you miss, you will still be among the stars! It is the philosophy of young Filipovic, as he is not looking back and aims to achieve even more!   

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