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Taking over the car rental industry in the US is VEM Exotic Rentals by the Vartanyan brothers


Hakop Jack Vartanyan and Gary Vartanyan have kept in mind the exclusivity and the luxuriousness they wish to offer with their car rental offering.

We hear so much about people all around us who have been trying to make a mark in their areas of interest and take those respective industries to much greater heights of success and continuous growth. When it comes to the US, there are many industries currently which have only seen a constant uprise in its growth; thanks to the many talented minds who work day and night to make all this possible, inspiring many other individuals as well. The car rental industry of America is one which has so far seen many rental companies take over the industry and VEM Exotic Rentals tops the list amongst these. This wouldn’t have been possible with the relentless hard work and perseverance of two talented brothers – Hakop Jack Vartanyan and Gary Vartanyan.

After seeing the surge in the growth of travellers, tourists and luxurious car enthusiasts, the Vartanyan brothers decided to come up with their own company and thus came into being VEM Exotic Rentals in Southern California, which is today serving the needs of all car lovers, as a luxury lifestyle car rental company. Growing across the auto industry has never been a walk in the park for companies and brands, but VEM Exotic Rentals have gone beyond boundaries to cater to each and every need and demand of its clients that trust the brand when it comes to renting luxury cars in America. The company is based in Los Angeles and is moving upward and onward, providing the world’s best and the most exotic cars to its clients.

Capitalizing the demand for both leisure and business tourism, the Vartanyan brothers decided to launch their brand that can cater to all kinds of people and make their journeys enjoyable and comfortable with their fleet of cars. What makes them even more unique are the unbelievable rates at which they offer car rentals. They deal in all kinds of branded luxurious cars, including Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, Maserati, Ferrari, and Bentley. They also offer a broad category of luxurious cars like economic, premium, business and luxury cars.

Hakop Jack Vartanyan and Gary Vartanyan’s love for offering the industry-best car rentals through VEM Exotic Rentals can be seen through their brand’s offering and growth across the US. They are trusted by many, which have allowed them to gain a rich list of clientele.

To know more, visit the website, https://vemexoticrentals.com/ or for any other inquiries, follow Hakop Jack Vartanyan on Instagram @vem_jack.

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