VasyERP’s Badhaye Business Ka Sense campaign launched on Jio Cinema App for IPL 2023.

They launched this campaign to reach as many retail businesses as possible in order to digitise 5 lac+ retail businesses across India by 2025.

The advertisement not only highlights a common challenge that retailers face, but at the same time also highlights how VasyERP Solutions is changing it with offering POS billing solution. 

By offering cloud-based enterprise resource planning or ERP solutions to businesses, VasyERP has revolutionized the way the retail sector operates in India. From providing ERP to businesses operating in the retail sector to setting up the kind of billing software that makes transactions happen faster, the company has changed the operational structure of the retail segment for the better.

VasyERP has also been a step ahead of its competitors when it comes to launching promotional activities or carrying out advertising campaigns. For years, the Indian Premier League, or the IPL has been one of the greatest platforms for brands to advertise themselves. This year, the most exciting new-age Indian brand to register its presence in the IPL will be VasyERP.

Talking about the decision to promote the brand through IPL 2023, CEO and founder Dharmendra Ahuja says, “We are very excited to have got the opportunity to promote our company VasyERP and its offering through IPL 2023. As far as the advertising history is concerned, this is a milestone for our brand. IPL is watched by millions of people, including several business owners and people engaged in the retail sector, in the country.”

Through this campaign, he also continues to share his vision: “This is our first step towards reaching Indian Retailers across India, with the aim of informing them about the latest ERP we offer that is not only going to be easy to implement and use, but also efficient enough to run for their business management in all directions.”

As IPL 2023 kick-starts on 31st March 2023, people will get to see the creative advertising campaign that the marketing team at VasyERP has created for the brand. From high-on-infotainment commercials to intricately designed posters, the team has planned an elaborate campaign that will continue to unfold this IPL23 season. Apart from being showcased at the IPL, these innovative marketing campaigns would be rolled out on all relevant platforms as well.

With IPL 2023 touted to be the biggest IPL season in history, it will be indeed a massive platform for VasyERP to advertise itself. The team is very confident about the fact that this marketing campaign will play a crucial role in consolidating the brand and creating more awareness about it. VasyERP has already proved itself to be a disruptor in the retail software solution space and with this campaign, it will make retailers further aware of the different types of services it offers them. 


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