Making his mark gradually in the world of music, Utkarsh Saxena creates great buzz in the industry.​​

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], January 28: The young music artist has shown his A-game as a singer, music composer and lyricist and has achieved massively so far in his career.

There are different kinds of people working across different industries of the world and showcasing their excellence in their niches as true-blue professionals. Do all of them go ahead in reaching the top of their industries at a very young age? Well, there definitely have been a few who have done that and have been propelled forward in their respective niches by thriving off of their passion for their work and commitment to their craft as professionals. Doing that in the world of music has proved to be even more challenging and tough, but there have been a few rare gems like Utkarsh Saxena who have done that and have stunned people across the music world.

Utkarsh Saxena  may seem like just another youngster vying to make his mark in the music space in India, but he is definitely much beyond that, which he has proved by the kind of massive momentum he has created so far in his career, all on his own. He says he could come this far because he only focused on what best he could give to the industry and kept honing those music skills, which today has helped him reach a rising position in the ever-so-evolving music industry.

This young guy has already proved his mettle as a playback singer, music composer and lyricist and has gone ahead in striking the right chords in people’s hearts, making them fall deeper into the love of music and taking them onto a whole new world altogether through the power of his music. Utkarsh Saxena even garnered more attention when he stamped his presence in the Guinness Book of World Records for his performance in the “Largest Indian Cinematic Music Band with 1000 Musicians.”

The 1997-born Kanpur boy went ahead in also started his own production house, “The UT Productions,” with his friends, under which he produces his music videos for his YouTube channel “Utkarsh Saxena Live.”

Be it his covers or his originals, each track of his has connected well with his listeners and music lovers, which has what made Utkarsh Saxena a happening new voice in the Indian music industry.

His upcoming project is tum bhi pachtaoge starring Mohd Sharia and Prajakta Dusane and directed by Dinesh Sudarshan Soi.


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