Unusual Comparisons: An ED Original content style, where we take 2 very opposite and different items and show you, exactly how similar they might be. 

The Indian media was supposed to be a source of social upliftment and exchange of constructive ideas. Long gone are the days when our media helped us in the freedom struggle and destroying social evils.

Now, all that’s left in the house is glamour, sensationalism and a thirst for TRPs. In such a scenario, an unusual comparison between the Indian media and a small child turns out to be not so far off a stretch.

All that’s left is glamour, sensationalism and TRPs


Let me break it down to you, just like a small child cries for a toy and want to be the centre of attention, the Indian media, too, is only concerned about how many people are watching it, or giving it attention, which they actually measure, through Television Rating Points (TRPs).

1. People who have watched Arnab Goswami and the “fish market” he creates have actually encountered the personified version of the similarities between a crying child with no actual motive or point and India media, and thus, need no more clarification about the same.

2. “Priya Prakash Varrier and her wink” and “Yogi Adityanath ji ke baal bade kyu nahi hote?”, along with other “sensational” stories produce the same effect on me as the pointless bickering of a small child asking “2 aur 2 paanch kyu nahi hote?”

This is the best that they’ve got


1. Remember when the only thing the media cared to show, is how the movie “Padmavati” is distorting (could-be fictional) facts and portraying the queen in bad light, despite the public not having the slightest of knowledge about the hundreds of farmers going on protests that very time?

2. Instead of reporting how innocent children and women are being shot in Syria, we are constantly getting minute-to-minute updates on whether Sridevi died of cardiac arrest, or was it due to drowning in a bathtub?

The Indian media finds a comparatively insignificant story and does not uncover the larger story, just like a child who is carefree of what’s happening around him, cries incessantly on petty things and loves to play Hide-n-seek.

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Fake news circulated by the Indian media has become as frequent as the number of times a child fake cries just to get an extra ”candy”.

1. All of us are well aware of that picture of the BSF Personnel Tej Bahadur Yadav, where he was asleep, that went viral with the caption “Tej Bahadur Yadav Ki Maut!”.

2. Also, reports once claimed that His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, crown prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, had chanted a Hindu Prayer (“Jai Siya Ram”) at the beginning of a public speech. Later proved to be fake news, the viral video turned out to be more than a year old, by a UAE communist.

The ‘fake’ in media

Beyond doubt, to cover stories like “funny Patanjali products viral on the internet” you need the creativity, and the brain, like that of a child’s. Though we all love children, it’s necessary to draw a line for the child lest it becomes spoilt.

Similarly, we must take this issue of the Indian media into our hands right away before it gets too late.

Let’s not allow the media to create a ruckus every time and baby its way out of it.

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Sources: The Wire, Quora

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