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News Comedy: The Future of Stupid Indian Media?


India is becoming a country where comedians are talking about serious issues and the media is dancing around like a fool, talking about weirdest pieces of so-called news!

Media plays a primary role in building of opinion of a lot of people in this country. And we could agree that the opinion of people, regarding everything, in this country is degrading. Be it Aamir Khan’s statement about intolerance or people not standing up for national anthems. Media coupled with politicians is the reason for the sudden decline in the IQ of citizens.

If you are a YouTube fan then you know that comedians in this country talk more sense than news anchors or politicians.


It’s very clichéd to say that the media has lost its credibility and have become merchandise of political parties and wealthy industrialists. Somehow, it is true.

Media used to be the source of all vital things happening around the globe but now news channels lack healthy intention of sharing information.


The most ironical thing about news channels is that they show news regarding corruption in the Indian political system but they themselves are immersed in neck deep corruption by favouring certain parties and people. Propaganda it is called!

Looks like media has taken too seriously the alphabets ‘ME’ in its spelling.

TRP- True Rai ka Pahaad

“TRP”! We all know what this is.

The Chennai floods didn’t occur overnight. It happened over a period of 2-3 weeks. But our media decided to broadcast the news only when the citizens began to die.

And you know why so late?

Because they were busy displaying the news about the frickin’ murder case of Sheena Bora which was in no way relevant to us. The screen was filled with the details of what Indrani ate, how much weight she lost, how much she pissed etc. etc. and the flood news found itself a single line in the bottom trail.


A similar thing happened when it was Mulayam Singh’s Bday. AajTak (claims to be the best news channel) gave a detailed video presentation of the menu in his b’day party.

Right from the Raita to the Kaju Barfi.

Watch AajTak’s report on how Azam Khan was upset on Mulayam feeding Cake to Amar Singh:

The question here that arises is if news channels are not loyal to their breed then who will be?


These days a new genre of comedy is getting famous known as News Comedy. It is a type of show where comedians make fun of things happening around us (or what we call NEWS) and also educate us on the current things happening around the globe which the media failed to acknowledge.

The EIC outrage is one of those virtual news anchoring comedy shows. They are a bunch of comedians under the name East India Comedy. Every week they release a video in which they bring out their outrage on a news piece.

They happen to cover topics which are left behind by our “paid” or “bought” News Channels. For example the case of Suezette Jordan. She was a rape victim who died recently without getting justice. In this video Sorabh Pant of East India Comedy has beautifully explained the story behind it:

Similarly, the show “On Air with AIB” presents the same kind of genre. It’s a half an hour show which makes fun of the news with the tagline “Tragedy mey Comedy hai”. In their show, they have talked about intolerance debate, the scam of open spaces, AIDS, etc. Basically a lot of ‘relevant’ stuff!

Being Indian’s Aisi Taisi Democracy tries to present to the viewers the foolishness of government and politics in a musical comedy way. Check it out :

Vir Das is no behind in starring in this comedic genre. He has a Youtube series named “Potcast” in which he analyses the newspaper and spices it up with sarcasm and humour.

And the best part about watching these comical news strips is that they are not opinionated like the news channels, who are the main reason why people have stupid beliefs.

It is time for media to realize that they are responsible for the healthy mental thinking ability of Indians.

Media: you influence the thought process of all of the brainless Indians. Do your job dude.

Image Source: Google

Video Source: YouTube

Prateek Gupta
Law student who cares and writes.



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