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Unravelling the mystery behind DREAMS


By Kanika


I saw a dream last night, I was being chased by someone in the dream and I do not remember the face of the pursuer but I woke up so frightened and all covered with sweat. This dream intrigued me to know more about dreams and to find answers to questions like what is the significance of dreams in real life. Does that symbolize something?

Well most of the times we just ignore such instances and carry on with our daily routine and we say that “dreams containing messages” is a myth. To all those who believe it firmly that interpreting dreams is useless I request to rethink because DREAMS do have significance and have a deep relation with our waking life.

Let us start with what older cultures believed about such things. They emphasized that dreams provide divine messages containing foreknowledge of oncoming events, sometimes warning of coming dangers. The best known message dream in the Christian tradition is this: mother of Jesus named Mary, was to marry Joseph but became pregnant first, usually that was unacceptable so that could be a cause to stop the marriage. Then Joseph dreamed of an “angel of the lord” who told him the child was divine so the two wed.

One can obviously question that this is something which happened a long time back but how is someone supposed to believe on this without proper evidence.

It is very fascinating to know what our dreams signify and how our sleeping life can guide us in our waking life .By definition a dream refers to the phenomenon of seeing images of people, places and situations while you are asleep. There can be many reasons behind them.

Freud’s theory stated that dreams were the mind’s way of dealing with repressed sexual desires (for instance train passing through tunnel would symbolize sexual intercourse) Hahahahah! Yes It did :P

But others deny Freud’s explanation of dreams and see dreams as a part of wish fulfillment.

Many people do find it enjoyable to surmise some hidden significance in a dream then by all means gratify your whim. Some themes occur so often that it is impossible not to speculate on the reasons behind them. Let us see some common dreams that you may also have dreamed of.

  • Many times in dreams you see yourself running and being chased by some attacker, an animal, a monster or some unknown figure who wants to hurt or possibly kill you which indicates that you are avoiding some issues which are being forced on you or perhaps you are suppressing or rejecting certain characteristics of yourself .
  • Let us take the case of “falling” dreams. It is very common to have feeling of falling from some cliff or mountain or rooftop and then suddenly we wake up before we hit the ground to save ourselves from the fall. These dreams are analogous to lack of any sense of security, stability and confidence. You are afraid of not measuring up to others expectations or to keep up with the status quo.
  • Death dreams are quite jarring and scary as if it was a premonition of your own imminent death. There is no need to be alarmed or panic. No you don’t die even if you don’t wake up before you die in your dream. But such dreams basically symbolize inner change, transformation, self-discovery and positive development that are happening within you or your life.

Next-time when you see a dream do not just ignore it because dreams can give you helpful clues and suggest areas in which you may want to improve your ability to respond to challenges in real life. There is a strong relation between your sleeping self and waking self which can enlighten you and after this enlightenment you wake up with a grail cup of renewal!!



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