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Unfortunate Story Of BAD: Times When Good Replaced The BAD & Won


By Kshiteeja Tomar

When the night was far from young and the clouds so thick, that they helped the moon hide, two old friends walked side by side. Their friendship was strong and so was their vibe. Both knew something would happen soon and it won’t be right. Next both heard was something none of them would have imagined. Entered the evil from the woods behind. Smirking it came and sent one in a whirlwind. Just to reveal that the other was the mastermind which led to one’s demise.

We know that everything in this world has a good and a bad side. But in recently it has been observed that the Good has a tendency to overshadow the Bad. And this is something which we mustn’t let happen.

So here is our way of pointing out how the evilness in people has been replaced and not for the good.

  • Dracula Vs. Mushy Vampires:

Dracula or “son o Dracul” or “son of devil” is a supernatural vampire having fangs, that leave his grave at night to feed on a sleeping person’s blood. They are supposed to be evil, aggressive and manipulative. And most importantly they ARE SENSITIVE to sunlight.

Then entered Edward Cullen, who is not only soft, weak and warm-hearted (theoretically speaking) but is a loving and a devoted boyfriend. If that was not enough, there came Damon Salvatore and other insignificant pseudo-vampires to steal Dracula’s spotlight too. It’s like the whole meaning of Dracula’s existence is being changed.


  • Maleficent from the Sleeping Beauty Vs. Maleficent From Maleficent:

Maleficent from the book called Sleeping beauty is famous for being the “Mistress of Evil”. She is the incarnation of evil and is responsible for bringing bad fortune to the King’s kingdom. She is full of dark and devious acts.

Unlike the former version, Angelina Jolie’s movie portrays Maleficent with a sympathetic and a caring side. She out of nowhere acquires the ability to fly doing injustice to its original iconic story.


  • Ghosts- as we know them. Vs. Casper the Friendly Ghost:

Ghosts are defined as the spirits of dead people or animals. Their main job is to haunt people and house and make everyone’s life miserable. There have not been many examples of friendly ghosts or spirits. Take, for example, Boogeyman, Slenderman or Kappa, all of them are known to scare children.

Then, entered the bane of their existence, Mr. Casper McFadden. He is a so-called friendly ghost, famous for helping children and rescuing them from under his uncles’ wrath.

'It's actually Kasper, with a 'K'... and no, I'm not very friendly at all.'

  •  The Stereotypical evil witches Vs. Wannabe Good Witches:

 Witches are creatures who practice witchcraft. They are characterized as being evil old women with pointed hats and wrinkled skin. All was good for them until the Good Witch of North came into the picture.

She is a more beautified younger version of an evil witch having long red hair and blue eyes. She is a shift from the obvious meaning of a witch and is helpful and smart in nature. And hence is a curse in a witch’s evil career.


  • Original Centaurs Vs. Mr.Oreius:

As far as Greek mythology goes, centaurs are creatures with human hands, arms, and chest, and have a horse like four legs, hindquarters, and a tail. They were considered a nuisance to the society as they are wild and lustful. They are known for eating human flesh and destroying crops.

Unlike the primary centaurs, Mr. Oreius from Narnia is a totally different story. He is the head of Aslan’s army, is loyal and brave. He is shown as calm and controlled in the movie which is the total opposite of the real mythological ones.


So I’m sure I nailed all those points, where is good old evil when you need him? Oh that’s right, humanity kicked him to the curb *blank face*

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