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The Undelivered Message


If there is one thing which is not scarce in our country, it is our problems. Every person in this country has his or her own problems. And with a population of over 100 crores I bet no one can compete with us in this game of problems. Ignoring the extraordinary individual ones, the problems which we face in our society are very common. The main question is “Who is going to solve these problems??” Me, You or the white cap holders???
If you ask a student of 7th standard about our country’s problems, you will get instant replies like poverty, education, politics etc etc. i.e. they will just reply with the various departments or sectors of our country. They are so very true. Every student can top in the exams if there was a question about our problems. And assuming our country to be “literate” we expect each one of us to know about the problems. But You know what the real problem above all this is?? It is to realise that each one of us have the same problem. We don’t tend to discuss our problems. We would rather stick to the term “Family Matters” rather than discussing with others. I am not saying about the “husband-wife” wars but social problems have their impacts on our personal lives and vice-versa. If I am not clear let me be, your ward is staying in a hostel in his teens where his mates are drug addicts and drunkards. He, sooner or later may join their group. Again, in some states killing the girl child is a “family matter”!! The point is that the problems of society and individuals are inter related because the latter combines to form the former. You can wake up a person who is in deep sleep, but not the one who is pretending. We pretend to be unaware of the social problems. We definitely need some one to wake us up. But Who???

The recent TV show “SATYAMEVA JAYATE” hosted by Mr. Perfectionist is an attempt to wake us up. On principle I don’t watch much Hindi films apart from a few. And as I am not an actor I don’t rate actors on their skills and ability. But for me Aamir Khan is my favorite, not in terms of his acting but for his human nature. He made an attempt to move the unmoved Indians, to deliver the Undelivered message. And hats off to him for doing this. He is highlighting the social issues which would have otherwise remained Unnoticed. He is doing a show which is gaining very good TRP’s and also delivering a very strong message i.e “We are United”. I should have refrained from comparing but lets go on, Compare this show with the shows hosted by other stars. Are you feeling the difference?? I saw the movie Spiderman at a very young age but one line from Peter Parker is still in my memory  “With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility”. And I see Aamir valuing this line. The power of Aamir is his stardom. We have all seen what he can do with his innovative ad’s. And now he is using it for the welfare of this country. But the real success of his show depends upon our approaches to handle the problems. All I can hope is that Aamir makes our country what he really is – a Perfectionist. 


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