Twitter is going through a massive structural change and as always the ones who are instantly affected are the employees at the company.

According to sources, there were 7,500 Twitters all across the world, but in a move that has shaken everyone to their core, Elon Musk, the new owner of the micro-blogging social media site, has fired 50% of the workforce overnight.

In India itself, Bloomberg has reported that almost 90% of the company workforce has been laid off without any advance notice. It wasn’t just individual employees that were fired, but entire departments and teams were dismantled in one fell swoop, with many having no other plans set in place.

Speaking to CNBC-TV18 one Indian Twitter employee said “We got that “famous” letter about not coming to office which was sent to all global employees first… Then at about 11 am this morning, we got a letter informing us about our roles, and soon we lost access to our systems..”

As per reports, this is the notice email that was sent out en masse to many of the employees across the organization.

Usually, with such massive takeovers, some employee changes are expected and many had been expecting layoffs and departments to be eliminated. However, no one had expected it to be done in this manner and at this scale itself, considering how big and global Twitter’s usage is.

Of course, this email came out a few hours after employees had started to figure out they’d been laid off when they found out that their work email and other accesses had been revoked and laptops were remotely wiped out.

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Apparently, many employees were not happy with such a crass layoff system and actually filed a class-action lawsuit on Thursday night stating that Twitter was violating the federal and California Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN Act).

One thing this is clearly showing to a lot of people is the utter disregard Musk seems to have towards the employees of his own organisation. Either that or he is trying to completely drive Twitter into the ground as some kind of revenge motive.

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