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Trumpism Cancer Spreading Fast: Will He Become The US President Finally?


“Ladies and gentlemen, I am running for the President of US and we are going to make our country great again”.

Donald John Trump, 64, popularly known as THE DONALD declared his candidacy for the President of US 2016 on 16th June, 2015 from his headquarters in Trump Tower in New York City. He is a man who needs no introduction. He is one of those who makes oneself heard.

An american real estate magnate, television personality, politician and author, he is one of the most extravagantly rich candidates this year. Republicans thus fearing that he might perpetuate a third party candidacy inviting knee jerk reactions of the white working class voters who admire him.

Born to Fred Trump, a real estate developer, Donald gave a kick start to his career by joining his father’s real estate company which is now known as “THE TRUMP ORGANISATION”. Trump never shirked away from exploring new aspects of his personality. Thus the journey to becoming a media celebrity wasn’t stringy at all.

Moving out of the archaic logics of sticking to a single profession, Donald’s journey from being a real estate developer to a media celebrity to a politician and now to the US Presidential candidate was not quixotic. Rather I’d describe it as a lofty and pompous ride bringing in “some” glorious days for him!

“I will put a stop to illegal immigration once and for all. I will bring back jobs to the US- I will make America great again”, he said.

And thus he invited the media to have the pages of their magazines and newspapers stocked up with his news each day.

Trump’s actions are like flavours of dark coffee. they either please you with the taste if correctly mixed or they force you to spit it out if mixing goes wrong. Thus implying that the journey to achieve “the best” is not easy for him.

I thus bestow myself with the privilege of chalking out the obstacles that might come his way.
1. His vilifying approach towards Chinese, Mexicans and the veteran Barack Obama: “US has become a dumping ground for everybody else’s problems”, he blamed Mexico for bringing drugs, crime and rapists to US and thus undermined his profile by being called a “silly man”.
By making increasingly stained statements against Chinese, Mexicans and the legendary Barack Obama (claiming that he wasn’t born in America), Trump is not clouding his individuality but just staining it deeper and deeper. He has lighted the cigarette of scathing statements which might just burn down to ashes and lead him nowhere near the WHITE HOUSE!
         if-hillary-clinton-cant-satisty-her-husband-what-makes-her-think-she-can-satisfy-america-donald-trump     trump-twitter
2. Self absorbed personality: Toying with running for presidency, Trump is just trying to bring out his individuality by delivering scathing statements. His speeches and interviews highlight his self centred attitude.
Asked before a Christian-right audience if he had ever swallowed his pride and asked the Almighty for forgiveness, Trump demurred.
“If I do something wrong, I just try  and make it right, I don’t involve God in that, he said”.
This arrogance, self absorption would lead him nowhere, most feel.
Rick Perry, an American politician and 47th Governor of Texas claimed that he is a man “without substance” and “too self absorbed” to be the President.
(Trump , you need to play your game safe!)
       nj_tt (1)
3. He shall “overcomb”: the biggest of all the challenges he faces, is his hairstyle. he overcombs and overstates! With people calling his hair an endangered specie, I fear his representing America for a period of 4 years would take a backseat in everybody’s mind. Imagine having a President who takes not less than an hour everyday to comb his golden locks! This imagination itself shuts the doors of the WHITE HOUSE for him.
” I actually don’t have a bad hairline, he said.”
“When you think about it, its not bad.”
But what good is his receding hairline if it is causing the poll ratings to slid?
                      Donald Trump and his wife Melania arrives on the red carpet for the 83rd Annual Academy Awards held at the Kodak Theatre on February 27, 2011 in Hollywood, California. AFP PHOTO / MARK RALSTON                      trump-vs-corn-who-wore-it-better-meme
Trumpism Cancer is spreading fast day by day and now that Donald will be the front and center in the Republican Party’s lead off presidential debate with nine more candidates in the face off, the American people surely have the stage set for a GRAND PLAY!
Trump wishes to keep the debate on a high level, but if that doesn’t happen, he’ll be willing to go the other routes.
His confidence is increasing the excitement of the Americans and sooner it’ll reach the pinnacle without being gulped down in a few days for sure!
Donald is playing in a SAD BATTLE. He needs to level up the game soon or he looses the battle without any doubt.
Good luck Trump!



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