Trub Chef working on multiple projects which are released soon. His only objective has been to provide a different listening experience to his fans and followers and create an unforgettable experience for them. We are certain of the fact that his future releases will also be a musical treat for all audiences. When we talk about the music space, it has seen tremendous loads of development year after year with many thousands of new artists, singers, song writers, producers and more flooding the sector with their unique talent, skill, and expertise. The uprising and emergence of these new artists have been a blessing for the new age audiences who are constantly entertained by new tracks and songs. We came across one such immensely talented singer and music composer whose recent work has been the talk of the town, Trub Chef.

Trub Chef is not new to the music industry and over the years has found ways to evolve his sound and lyrics, shining brighter on each track that he puts out. His music is featured on platforms such as: Youtube, Apple Music, Spotify, etc. His social media following of over 83 thousand people is a testament to the character of his artistry and as a man. T.R.U.B.’s fresh and dynamic style gained him a massive underground Hip-Hop fanbase. Since the early days of his career, T.R.U.B. has been grinding hard to show the people that his incredible skills and his undeniable flow captures the essence of Hip-Hop music. T.R.U.B. is simply not your average rapper; he’s a lyricist with a unique style that sets him apart from the competition.

The newest single that just dropped “Same Thang ” reminds listeners just what Mr.Trub Chef has that the fans want, a dope sound and swag. The video has already reached 10 Lakh views since being released proving that the fans want what Trub Chef has to offer. The lyrics on this track are raw and real. T.R.U.B.’s goal is to bring good music to a global audience. He’s blessed with talent, has pop star charisma, a gangster rapper bravado, a fast-exploding fanbase, and lyrics that transform rap into a movement. 

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