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Ewww Halloween Food Treats You Will Be Afraid To Eat


Originated 2000 years ago as a Celtic ritual in remembrance of the dead saints, martyrs and hallows, Halloween has come a long way and is now celebrated merrily in many countries across the world on 31st October annually.

It’s a party festival, and no party is complete without the perfect theme food!

But when we say party food, we don’t just mean Pumpkin pies and candy corn… there is a lot more to the spooky chow.

So if you are throwing a party this year, try some of these. If you aren’t, then these are reasons why you should!

WARNING: It’s Halloween, so these are all a little scary, gross and hard-to-digest (metaphorical reference), to say the least.

So if you are squeamish, stop at number 2.

  1. A Bloody Breakfast: Start your day with the traditional American Egg and Bacon and coffee. And get your creative juices flowing!

bloody breakfast

  1. Slaughtered Fruits: These are great for kids, weight watchers, and non-experts. You could cut up some fruits from the fridge and create some adorable snacks. One way is to row seedless grapes into wooden skewers and use choco-chips for the worm’s buggy eyes. Half split bananas can be turned into white robe ghosts using chocolate chips, and oranges can be transformed into miniature pumpkins!

slaughtered fruits

  1. Puke of the Pumpkin: Pumpkin-carving is an age-old practice of Halloween. Nachos and dip make for the perfect party snack. So what if these two are combined into a very gross, fatal combination? It’s indigestible! (pun intended)

Puke of the Pumpkin

  1. Deviled eggs: This is a classic. Start by hard-boiling a dead chicken’s eggs. Then, remove the yellow, and fill it mashed yolk, mixed with (my favorite) jalapenos. You could use a variety of other ingredients. Then, top it off with black olive slices and splay some red food color for that perfect spooky-eye look!

deviled eggs

  1. Kids in a blanket: Ever heard about the “pigs in a blanket”, that popular appetizer? Here is the Halloween version: more death and more morbid. Make mummies out of sausages, and then design the faces as innocent as possible. Serve with your favorite dip.

kids in a blanket

  1. Finger Food: This one, if done properly is the talk of the town. If you can bake, craft the right finger-shaped bread sticks. Once it’s out of the oven, further texture it: keep one end of the stick round, while tearing out the other. Use half almonds for the nails, and use brown burned sugar to adhere. Finally, touch-up the torn end with ketchup or food color. Serve with salsa or just whip up some blood into mayo.

finger food

  1. Food for thought: They say amazing reactions can occur in the brain if you like the food you eat. Try eating a brain, your brain will probably not like that so much. Here is a creamy twist on your grey cells: the Brain dip. Imparting a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘Dimag mat kha!’ Check out the recipe here.


  1. DIY jelly worms: These are amazingly gross and cool at the same time. See the picture below for How-To. Maybe you can even layer or mix different color jelly to make them better (or worse).
  2. Jell-o shots: No, not the ones in the tiny glasses. These are the kind that you inject directly into the bloodstream. CAUTION: if you are not experienced, ask the sexy nurse or Dr. Devil administer them to you.

Jello-o shots

  1. Spooky Boos: Ghosts can be cute. I mean, look at Casper. Or look at these. Simple white meringues with faces painted onto them. Cooking skills required: basic.

spooky boos

  1. Poison apple of my Eye: Step one: pick out the right eyes. Err, apples. Two, make the reddest, bloodiest caramel sauce you have ever made. 3: dip those apples into the scalding caramel, and stab them with a dead twig. Plate on bone-china and your dish is ready. Yum?

poison apples

  1. Wednesday the thirteenth: If you are feeling extremely creative, or throwing a Halloween dinner, then this dish would look good on the table. Remember the little girl from The Adams Family?

Wednesday the thirteenth

  1. Drinks of the Dead: Since you can’t dehydrate your guests, good drinks are required. So mix up some punch (a.k.a. Bloody Mary, for adults only) and pour it into shot glasses. Keep ready some dry ice on the side. Before serving, pop a piece into the drink, for that misty-graveyard effect. 1,2,3… Bottoms up!

blood of the devil

Thanks for reading. Let us know in the comments section if you are looking for detailed recipes or need help organizing a party. Happy Halloween!

P.S.: The number of dishes on this list is very deliberate.


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