Videos of Marwan Boulghalegh, a cameraman from France went viral on social media platforms like TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram multiple times. He is popular today and has a huge fan following. Social media is today the best platform to earn fame, provided popularity sustains if you have something worth in you.

French Cameraman Marwan Boulghalegh’s trajectory started with Urban Videos which first hit viral on social media platforms. But it was not the weeds that sprouted after a shower. They grew wild. Indeed because Marwan had in his troves pristine talent. And he polished it constantly manoeuvring it to glowing gems.

Efforts bore fruits and his videos and snaps got recognition. He commissioned the photo and video shoots of many artists crossing more than a hundred. His social bonding also came as a fortune that gave wings to his dream career helping him climb more stairs in his profession. 

He had made connections with famous rappers around France and which led to him shooting their events which made his works and himself popular again in new circles. And he started getting more opportunities and his schedule became busy with spending time exploring his passion.

Experiments becoming successful makes one’s life change completely. So does it happen for Marwan. His proficiency in edits is as brilliant as his photography is. His ‘Clip Style’ is regarded as novel over social media platforms and the dynamicity of them is inexplicably gracious.

Laymen’s familiarity with photographers, videographers and that world is weddings. The shimmer and glimmer of this illusionary art are closely watched when someone from your kith and kin gets into matrimonial wedlock. Marwan Boulghalegh is famous among millennials and became a family favourite that’s how.

Marwan Boulghalegh’s passion gave birth to ‘Marwan Video’ which got established as a brand new and more heard wherever wedding bells ring. Marwan has commissioned Pre-Wedding, Wedding, Post Wedding projects of ample couples and made their day swiped neatly and pasted like real on digital and print albums and reels.

Marwan Boulghalegh is not just a successful professional cameraman. He is a self-taught artist who gained popularity for his craft with his sweat and determination. He is an example and energy for all who lack the essentials to drive their passion into reality.

You can visit Marwan Boulghalegh’s social media platforms for more information:


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