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Trend Report Fall/Winter 2013


Be it New York, Paris, London or Milan, the Trend Reports these season seem to be screaming the word, ‘contrast’. Ambiguity between masculine and feminine, opulence and grunge, strength and fragility, past and present has been the flavour of the season. These contrasting trends are a representation and celebration of the multi-faceted modern woman.

Androgyny continues to rule the ramps, with oversized shoulders (seen in abundance at Balenciaga), head to toe navy and sailor caps, and good old tweed (originally feminized by Coco Chanel). However, trends like pink (in all shades, from candy to powder to rose to fuchsia) and sheer fabrics and oh-so-dramatic feathers are channelling feminity on the ramp. Figure hugging and hourglass silhouettes that highlight just the right curves have made a comeback from the forties.   Opulent shades of gold (as seen at Dolce and Gabbana) stand side by side with reinvented grunge. Among prints, plaid and dark florals will rule. Also, another trend that is getting all our love is the mohair. Resembling fur in its appearance, it can be a great alternative to fur. Moreover, it is sheared from the sheep without harming the animal. Stylish and eco-friendly, what more could we ask for? And yes, last but not the least, the timeless combination black and white is wowing us yet again.

gold             dwjd

tweed                  plaid


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