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Treat Your Tastebuds On A Budget At ShakeEatUp, We LivED It!


Liv’ED It: It is an ED original style where we write about our personal experiences on experiencing and reviewing any app/place/website which gives us a feeling of coming back for more.

So this time, we narrate our experience at the budget friendly ‘ShakeEatUp’.


Located in Netaji Subhash Place in Pitampura, ShakeEatUp is a little place with amazing food.

The ShakeEatUp outlet in NSP.

How To Reach

You can take the metro and get down at the Netaji Subhash Place metro station on the red line. Other than that, own vehicle or cabs are some of the other options.


ShakeEatUp is known for their specialisation in innovating food. With crazy offbeat shakes to Oreo Gulab Jamuns, they have them all.

Oreo Gulab Jamuns, head out to ShakeEatUp for these absolutely gorgeous Gulab Jamuns.

Also, one of the good things about this place is that NSP in general is not very crowded. So, you know.. less chances of  randomly walking into acquaintances. Lol.

What We Ordered

We ordered Mix sauce Penné Pasta along with cheese garlic bread and Turtle chocolate shake. And trust me, I am still in awe!

Also, they give complimentary chips with a dip. And all of this is served on a neat-clean-cute red tray! Heading to NSP soon. aren’t you?

ShakeEatUp 2


No eating experience can be a bad experience if the food is to die for. Despite the fact that ShakeEatUp isn’t a proper café or a restaurant, it serves top notch quality food. And the best part? It’s budget friendly!

Unlike those cafés which charge thousands for the ambience, ShakeEatUp provides modest seating to its customers and the kind of food that you wouldn’t even mind paying a little extra for.

Now, I know such food outlets aren’t the best for summers, courtesy Dilli ki garmi. But hey, winters are the best time to be experimenting at such outlets which bring their A game to the plate.

Sugar high BEFORE and AFTER scenes!

I’d say satisfying my sweet tooth and constant food trail itch  at ShakeEatUp was totally an amazing experience! Whether I’d like to go again? Are you kidding me? Do you really think I’m gonna say no to that?

Value For Money

This place it totally for all the college students out there. No more ranting about being broke, just head on to ShakeEatUp and eat your way to happiness.


I recommend.. FOOOOD. Lol.

You should totally try the Read and White Mix Sauce Pasta, any of the crazy Shakes, Oreo Gulab Jamuns and the brand new entrant on their menu: Waffles.

Liv’ED It Score Card

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Picture Courtesy: Google Images

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