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Transcendence- An illogical visual misery


“Transcendence” a terminology that stands by the very fact of anything to exist that is beyond normal scope, isn’t practically justified in the film. When a film is said to be produced by Christopher Nolan along with a star cast i.e. Johnny Depp and Morgan Freeman for starters, you can expect a little logical reasoning in the film. But this being the first of its kind to disappoint a huge number, who expected that.


Artificial intelligence is the technology of the era, and it’s practically possible to your wildest imaginations. But when your imaginations start to lose its sensibility, then you need to go watch this movie for reference. Well it starts off hoping to get you interested in a high paced scientific thriller, but ironically it starts to get draggy and eventually when it starts to catch up with the pace that you expected, it loses its sensibility. It’s a symbiosis process of portraying the comparison between intelligence and absurdness. There are moments when you’ll feel a rush-through inside yourself (which are very few) and moments when reasonability loses its conscience. It is quite evident that the film wants to challenge the audience to keep up with the plot, but over a period of time the technicality seems to be high enough that you give up.

Transcendence 2014 First Look Wallpaper

Certain scenes when the artificial intelligence is depicted visually is a delight to watch but the logic with which it was written is pretty bizarre. R.I.F.T (Revolutionary Independence from Technology) a fictitious organization is established precisely with the sole intent to stop maniac scientists to develop artificially intelligent computers that may rule over the humanitarian race. Will Caster as Johnny Depp lands as a victim of it. And in turn leads to create unexpected catastrophes. Johnny Depp does a fine job playing a highly intrigued scientist until he’s alive but his character development loses track when the artificial conscience of his comes into the picture. Morgan Freeman, Paul Bettany, etc. haven’t exactly played large enough roles that might seem as challenging for these veterans.

Director Wally Pfister intends to deliver an intriguingly accelerating 120 minute cinema but sadly it didn’t end up entertaining for that long a time.



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