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The Top 7 Superhero Movies To Watch Out For In 2017


Superhero movies from Marvel and DC definitely raised the standards of film making in 2016. Be it the gritty and witty side of Marvel’s Captain America : Civil War or the dark and stylized tone of DC’s Batman v Superman : Dawn Of Justice, we got to watch  some amazing movies this year.

(Special mentions for Deadpool and Doctor Strange, not for X-Men : Apocalypse)

But now, with Marvel’s Phase 3 already beginning with 2 brilliant installments and DC being on the verge of establishing the superhero super-group Justice League (and a rather surprise entry in the list), we take a look at the most hyped and anticipated movies to watch out for in 2017 

This list is in a chronological order, with the #1 movie being the most anticipated by the audience  :

#7.  Power Rangers :

Oh, the nostalgia!

I remember I was a huge fan of almost all the power rangers series, be it Lost Galaxy, Ninja Storm or Lightspeed Rescue. Yeah sure, the graphics were rather bland and the stories were similar but well, as a kid, it was pretty cool to watch teens with super powers.

Now, Lionsgate are coming with a much edgier and realistic adaptation of the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers which surely has got everyone excited. The suits look more Iron Man-esque and the villains are darker in tone in comparison to the original series.

The new ranger suits do look pretty badass!
The new ranger suits do look pretty badass!

Will the movie catapult a lost franchise into limelight again?

Can’t wait to find out. Oh and by the way, IT’S MORPHING TIME!


Marvel’s surprise hit Guardians Of The Galaxy returns to the big screens in 2017 with its 2nd installment raring to go and I have high hopes from this one. The 1st GOTG movie was arguably one of Marvel’s best movies and I can only expect it to get better with a fresher and yet more detailed story-line.

I would watch the movie solely for this guy.
I could watch the movie solely for this guy.

And I think the argument pretty much ends when I say “Baby Groot”. Period.

#5. Wonder Woman :

Princess Diana is back with a banger! Gal Gadot reprises her role as Wonder Woman alongside Chris Pine and the trailer for the movie is nothing short of brilliant, with some splendid locations and ridiculously stylish action scenes.

Forget your modern day superhero! Here's the superwoman of the year.
Forget your modern day superhero! Here’s the superwoman of the year.

Gadot’s cameo was one of the highlights of DC’s Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice, which went from being a superhero vs superhero movie to a stepping stone of the journey whose destination the formation of the Justice League.

Can Wonder Woman rack up the numbers for DC in 2017? I don’t doubt it.

#4. Spiderman : Homecoming :

I am literally bored of Spiderman reboots. Like, bruh. Get yo shit together, Marvel and Sony.

But then, I watched Captain America : Civil War and I was really impressed by Tom Holland’s portrayal of Spidey.

Third time's a charm, hopefully.
Third time’s a charm, hopefully.

The trailer for the movie looks good, there’s a new villain which is introduced, The Vulture and thank God, this movie doesn’t show how his uncle Ben died.

#3. Thor : Ragnarok :

Thor 2 : The Dark World was rather uninspired and bland but the news for Thor 3 came as a pleasant surprise for all superhero movie fans as Marvel confirmed the appearance of Hulk in the movie!

Thor AND Hulk. Together. In a movie. What's not to be excited for?
Thor AND Hulk. Together. In a movie. What’s not to be excited for?

I am legit excited for this one, ever since I realized that this movie could be well inspired from the Planet Hulk comic book story-line and the revealing for Hulk’s gladiator style armor almost confirms the theory.

It’d be amazing if this team-up between Asgard’s God Of Thunder and Earth’s Greatest Monster could rack up the crowds world over. High expectations from this one.

#2. Logan :

Tears. Tears. Tears. Some more tears.

Hugh Jackman’s last movie as the most loved X-Men character on screen, Wolverine.

The one. The only. Logan. Wolverine.
The one. The only. Logan. Wolverine.

Logan is inspired from the Old Man Logan comic book storyline and Hugh Jackman definitely looks the part in the trailers which have released, so far.

After the mixed reviews for X-Men : Apocalypse, it’s only fitting that Fox get this movie right and the legend gets a fitting farewell.

And now, for the big reveal *drumroll please*.

#1. Justice League :


DC’s answer to Marvel’s Avengers comes in 2017 with the world’s greatest superheroes uniting for the very first time in the 21st century on the big screen. The 90’s kids, this is for you!


Steppenwolf is here and Darkseid is on his way. It’s up to the Justice League to stop them both.

Amazing trailers, subtle and light-hearted tone at places and a star-cast which definitely looks every bit for the part.


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