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Jagga Jasoos: I Doubt Such A ‘Copied’ Movie Will Do Well


By- Sandhya Sharma

So the Jagga Jasoos trailer is out and while to be completely honest I had been looking forward to the movie, just based on how much I liked Barfi, I am regretting my excitement now.

Because it seems that whether it is the unfortunate delays in the film, the repetition of Ranbir Kapoor or just plain laziness on part of the creators of the film, but for me as a viewer, I would probably not be going to watch Jagga Jasoos just based on the trailer.

No, I truly mean it. The trailer was sure unique in that it flowed more like a poem or song with just mainly music and only one single dialogue at the end.

And the marketing strategy behind it is good, however, to me that is all that I can see here.

Because it I sit down to think of the content and what the trailer is saying, then it just seemed a bundle of different scenes taken from different films all put together in one trailer and perhaps even the film.

There is no doubt that Anurag Basu can make a very entertaining film, however considering his past track record, I again found a startling number of things that seem to have been picked up:

1. The Very Opening Title:

Okay, when I saw the first shot of the trailer, I was immediately reminded of the Star Wars cast sang an acapella tribute to the very iconic tune of Star Wars along with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots.

But, even if leave it by the side and don’t focus on it, then surely it just might be a coincidence that Alaa Wardi’s song cover videos too share a striking similarity with the opening sequence of the trailer, right?

jagga jasoos
Jagga Jasoos Trailer Opening…. Similarity? What Similarity? It’s Called Inspiration

2. Indian Ace Ventura?

See, even if you guys want to dismiss the first point and be all that it could just be inspiration dude. Why you getting so technical?

Then what’s up with the Ace Ventura style and the strong undertones that the trailer seems to be having to it.

From the many animals that we see during the trailer and the hairstyle and just general feel of the movie, I just know that they are going to ruin a childhood favourite film of mine.

jagga jasoos
So Different Yaar. Kya Baat Kar Rahe Ho!

3. Barfi 2.0

Um… is it just me or did the entire trailer just look like some weird another version of Barfi only?

And I don’t just seem in the sense that Basu again used the same locales with just a tiny addition or Morocco and Cape Town.

I also mean about the way the movie has been filmed, the camera work and most of all the music.

Where I am quite fond of the music in Barfi, seeing it recreated here in the trailer is just like eh?

What? Why would they do that?

Shouldn’t the score and music have been different for this film?

These were some of the most obvious and clear things that I found really disturbing about the trailer. Apart from that it is also alleged that the movie is inspired from the TV series ‘The Singing Detective’.

Yeah… sure. Inspiration. That is the new in word. No one can say anything if you just add this little word.

The train sequence that looks very similar to the Fast and Furious 4’s opening sequence, and more such scenes are all just inspiration. Right?

Oh and just one more question before I sign off, why exactly was Ranbir Kapoor at a boarding school like place? Please don’t tell me he is going to be essaying the role of a teenager. I mean, really?!

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