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Tom Cruise In New Mummy Franchise: Literally Bringing The Dead Back From The Grave


I recently got to know that the popular ‘Mummy’ trilogy franchise that started its journey from 1999 and died a sad and miserable death in 2008 is going to be given a spin-off next year.

This new spin-off series will have Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella who will be playing the Mummy and will be directed by Alex Kurtzman.

So now that you all know about this movie, can I just ask why… why would you bring the dead back from the grave or the tomb in this case?

tom cruise

*Pardon if I’m playing into stereotypes*

I will admit that personally, I really liked the first 2 The Mummy movies, of course Rachel Weisz played a big part in my liking it. But even still, I liked the plot and the pacing of the movie. The 3rd one was, I just knew that it was going to be a disappointed as soon as I heard that Weisz would not be joining in the main cast.

And then they went to China (why would they do that) making them finally realize that perhaps its best if they put this series to rest once and for all.

You all must be wondering why am I so against this movie, only a teaser has come out, well let me tell you of a couple of reasons why I think this movie won’t work:

The Generation Right Now

No no… I’m not going to talk of aaj ka zaamna or something. But what I am trying to say is that in today’s time the access we have to almost any kind of information we need is just uncanny.

Right now, if I want to learn about a remote culture or even something strange and new about a popular one, there are literally tens or hundreds of platforms ready where I can get my answers.

Not so much in 1999.


Back then, a movie like The Mummy which was specifically for the masses was something exotic, something new and something about which the general public had heard bits and pieces about but never really had in-depth knowledge of and to that, not resources to find out if the movie was right or not.

That is why, in that time The Mummy franchise was so successful because it provided people a bunch of things about this relatively unknown culture about which they only knew ooh pyramids, mummies, rich, and Cleopatra.

In today’s time if this movie plays even slightly into overplayed and existing stereotypes, does not do something drastically different or present something so unique we all will be blown over, then this film will be ripped apart and that too not with much difficulty.

Why Are We Still So Obsessed With Mummies?!

I mean seriously… mummies again?

I mean this is perhaps the point that just strikes me the most, because the Egyptian history and culture is so so vast and rich and diverse.

People, specifically Hollywood, Egypt is not just about Pyramids and mummies.

Please get that simple little fact straight.

If they wanted to capitalize on its predecessor’s success and do something with Egypt only, then they could have picked up literally anything else from its mythology apart from mummies.

Egypt’s mythology could almost give competition to the Hindu mythology, it’s that large.

tom cruise

Signing off I would just like to say that, if you want to get a actual real good laugh go watch the teaser of this film. I almost lost it when Tom Cruise said “I saw her. She is real.” Oh my. But seriously, this movie is not one that is impressing me, maybe I could be wrong, maybe they will do something different however right now, I am failing to see how different they can be.

Oh and also it has Tom Cruise so I think I’m pretty on the spot.

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