TIME magazine’s list of ’50 extraordinary destinations to explore’ was unveiled recently. The travel industry is back in full swing post-COVID-19 pandemic. 2 destinations in India are also featured in the list. 

The nominations of the world’s greatest places of 2023 were compiled with the help of an international network of correspondents. These contributors had “an eye toward those offering new and exciting experiences”. 

The List Reflects The Trends In The Tourism Industry

While talking to CNN, Emma Barker Bonomo, the senior editor at TIME, said, “Many locations on this list are finding ways to let tourists visit with a more limited environmental impact. And many have responded to travelers’ desire to have unique, local experiences by offering indigenous-led tours or curated homestays.”

Along with the changes in the travel industries, there are notable differences in the ways we travel. Bonomo said that this list is a reflection of the current trends in the tourism industry: Sustainability and Authenticity.

Places In The List

The list features 50 places and includes various types of destinations ranging from familiar to far-flung areas. The top spot is occupied by Tampa, Florida. The list consists of places like Phuket in Thailand, Giza, Saqqara in Egypt, Musanze in Rwanda, and more. 

The Magazine wrote, “Some of the destinations are enforcing more sustainable tourism practices to protect their natural beauty; the Tuamotu Archipelago in French Polynesia is moving toward allowing only one foreign visitor per local resident.

Others are thriving, growing, and changing, like the city of Medellín, Colombia, which has blossomed into a culturally vibrant metropolis in the years since Pablo Escobar’s death.” 

India’s Destinations 

Among the 50 places,  Mayurbhanj of Odisha and Laddakh are featured in TIME’s list. Where Mayurbhanj stood in the 32nd position and has been selected for its ancient temples and black tigers, Laddakh captured the 31st place on the list because of its adventures and meals. 

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The magazine notes that Mayurbhanj is the only place on Earth to spot the rare black tiger. The Similipal National Park is also mentioned in the magazine. It was quoted as “an under-the-radar region in India’s eastern state of Odisha.” It only allows 60 vehicle entries each day to conserve its delicate ecosystem, which is inhabited by species including Asian elephants and Bengal tigers. 

Apart from this, TIME wrote, “This April, Mayurbhanj Chhau, a captivating dance festival on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list will take place on a much larger scale following a pandemic hiatus.”

For Ladakh, the magazine wrote, “with its astonishing alpine landscapes and Tibetan Buddhist culture, Ladakh—in the farthest-flung part of North India—has enough wonders to warrant multiple visits.” 

The magazine further delved into the cuisines served by various outlets and restaurants in Ladakh, “While you’re there, experience Delhi’s legendary eateries Karim’s, known for its Mughlai menu of grilled meats, and Nathu’s Sweets, which both opened outlets in Leh in August 2022.

Or hotfoot over to Cafe Montagne, which opened its doors in July 2022, for a meal of tempura fried prawns with sea buckthorn, fondue, or spicy fried chicken.

For those heading to Turtuk Village, about a 5-hour drive from Leh, don’t miss Farmer’s House Cafe, another newly-established eatery that opened in July 2022, and try sushi, Himalayan herbs salad with local cheese, or hand-rolled pasta with walnut sauce.”

The names of Indian destinations might have changed but the featuring of Indian destinations in TIME’s list is not new. Last year Ahmedabad and Kerala were featured in this list. Post-pandemic, the Indian tourism industry is rebounding and India is also one of the countries working towards Sustainable Development Goals.

With these features, India’s efforts are being recognized for providing sustainable travel opportunities to tourists. 

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