Thomas Bergersen is no ordinary person. Not many people may have heard of him, but for those who have, he is in a class of his own.

Born on July 4, 1980, in Trondheim, Norway, Mr. Bergersen is a music composer and multi-instrumentalist. Known for creating original music pieces even at a young age, he carried his passion forward and currently co-owns the company “Two Steps From Hell” along with his partner Nick Pheonix.

Thomas Bergersen and Nick Pheonix


Mr. Bergersen’s creations have frequently been associated with the epic music genre. You could excuse the lack of originality in the name, mainly because there is no better way to describe it.

In art forms, the epic genre denotes a theme of grandeur and heroism. You can immediately see the association once you listen to the music. Usually, the song starts on a gentle note, gradually picking up pace.

By the time it reaches the crescendo, you can feel the rise in your heartbeat and the addictive feeling of optimism around you. In other songs, the composer does not give you time to breathe as melodies swarm in from all directions, drowning you in a heavenly mix of synchronized instrumentation.

As Thomas Bergersen’s website reports, his compositions have been used in quite a few Hollywood films like The Dark Knight, Harry Potter, Narnia, Pirates of the Caribbean etc. The following is a trailer from Interstellar. The song in the background is “The Final Frontier” from Mr. Bergersen’s album “Sun”.

That is not all. All you football aficionados out there should be able to recall where you heard this song:

Still can’t remember where you heard it? Pity. You should not call yourself a football fan. Heart of Courage was used at the beginning of all Euro 2012 matches.

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How to listen to Epic Music?

If you liked the above pieces – like I do – you could probably use this little advice. Epic music sounds best if you follow the following instructions:

  1. Choose a quiet corner
  2. Close your eyes. Preferably lie down as well
  3. Keep a set of headphones with you. Speakers don’t create the same ambience
  4. Clear your head of any unwanted thoughts and switch on the music

Epic Music works equally well if listened to during a jog. It gets me all pumped up at least!

Go on guys. Try it out once. It is truly epic! Here is one more for good measure!

Mr. Bergersen is truly an underrated artist. Here we have a list of a few more lesser-known artists whose work definitely needs a special mention.

Image Credits: Google Images

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