The developer of the Virtual Reality headset, Oculus, and a defense contractor, Palmer Luckey, claimed to have made a headset that can kill users in real life if they die in the game. The headset blows up the wearing user’s head with ‘explosive charge modules.’

Many have dismissed the idea as any other thing existing, but Luckey is not just an old programmer, he has the repute of turning a thought into a tangible technology by combining his expertise in Virtual Reality (VR) and reality. He has created technologies for Facebook Metaverse. He is widely known to be the father of modern VR.

Tribute To Nerve Gear

According to Luckey’s blog, the killer headset in the popular manga series “Sword Art Online” is an inspiration for this device. As reported by Futurism, the headset called Nerve Gear, “melts wearers’ brains with microwaves if they fail to escape a virtual game, where a mad scientist has trapped them.”

This series has been an essential part of Oculus and Luckey’s success; therefore, the creation of a similar VR is a way of giving tribute to it.

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What Is Sword Art Online?

Sword Art Online is said to be the predecessor of the isekai fantasy genre in anime. In isekai, characters enter alternate worlds through a portal or reincarnation. VR in isekai is considered to be a precursor to the development of technology in real life.

In his blog, Luckey wrote, “The popularity of [Sword Art Online] led to massive otaku enthusiasm for Oculus, especially in Japan, which quickly became our 2nd largest market. In turn, the existence of the Rift made [Sword Art Online] itself seem far more plausible and grounded — a story that had been written in a world where VR was a dead technology was now straight out of the gamer hype headlines.

Is The Process Of Making The Device Complete?

Luckey wrote in his blog, “The good news is that we are halfway to making a true NerveGear. The bad news is that so far, I have only figured out the half that kills you. The perfect-VR half of the equation is still many years out.”

Palmer Luckey Has Created This VR Headset

Luckey said that the murder part of the device is completely ready, but the VR component needs more work. The explosive charges in the headset are connected to a narrow band photosensor that can detect when the screen flashes red at a specific frequency.

When a particular game-over screen is displayed, the charges are emitted, attacking and destroying the user’s brain.

Luckey says that he hasn’t tried his device, as it is too volatile. He promises gaming enthusiasts that this non-fiction technology of killing the user might be the first, but will not be the last.

This invention brings us to the technological paradigm, which pushes us toward death. Technology began as a life-saving mechanism, but it is no secret that this technology has powered the fanatics and enthusiasts of science, who have destroyed the humanness of the world.

The primary question arises- Is there any superhero on their way to stop the super technologies?

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