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This Should Make You A Good Samaritan (Infographs)



ED feels this is an important message that must reach out to as many people. Participate in ED’s Good Samaritan Campaign here.

Every 60 minutes, 15 people die in traffic accidents in India.  According to the Law Commission of India, at least 50% of fatalities can be prevented if road accident victims receive medical attention within the critical first hour after the accident or as you may call it the “Golden Hour”.

We all have at least once in life seen a road accident in front of our eyes. But tell me this, how many of us have actually gone and helped the injured or taken them to the hospital. Not many, huh?

Well I wouldn’t entirely blame you because it’s not us the public who’s the only one to be blamed for this lack of empathy but also our very own judicial system.  The Indian judicial system itself has no proper law in place to protect the good Samaritans or bystanders who help the injured. Forget about being treated like a hero, they have to face the brunt of being looked at like they’re no less than a criminal and oh it doesn’t stop here…then there is the interrogation and other forms of harassment till the very last bone in their body pledges to never again help any road accident victim. Purpose achieved I guess?


But good news is that this fate of good Samaritans is soon to be reversed. The good Samaritans who rush road accident victims to hospitals will no longer be harassed by police, summoned for court hearings, or need to wait for a cop to reach the hospital before they can leave. Moreover, if the doctors refuse to treat the injured, they can face suspension or even cancellation of license for “professional misconduct”.

These are some of the guidelines to be issued by the Road Transport Ministry to protect the good Samaritans. They will be binding on all agencies, including police, government departments and even private hospitals. These details will be put out as a gazette notification in the coming days. Till then have a look below at what are the guidelines and how can you be a Good Samaritan and help save a live.


That sounds like some relief finally…pheww! *wipes sweat off brow*

Now we are just eager to see how soon are these enforced and if they are actually followed. The next time, you see an accident don’t be afraid to help the injured as well as be aware of your rights. If a government officer or department harasses you even after the implementation of these laws then bring the matter to light by complaining against them.

It’s time you speak up and start claiming what’s rightfully yours. When it comes to someone’s life, REMEMBER the clocks ticking! *tick tock* *tick tock*

Must see Be a Good Samaritan: How you won’t be harassed any more (Images)’

Check out ED’s campaign here.


Campaign Graphic Credits: Amit Patel and Abhinav Jain



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