Mira Rajput is just a 23-year old woman who has suddenly received a lot of media attention. It would be safe to say, for no reason at all, or okay, for getting married to Shahid Kapoor. #achievementunlocked

I am exactly at the age now at which she gave birth to her daughter and I can’t even think of getting a person out of my body. Kudos to her for that!

The Marriage That Got Her Fame!

Indeed when she got married to the Rangoon star, there was speculation around her persona as to who is this mystery girl (that too from my own college), what is she like etc. I too wanted to know. Her first words were heard when she debuted in Koffee With Karan and I sort of liked her. She seemed easy-going, witty and someone who has her head on her shoulders.

But recently her second inning of media interaction made me think – Ye sunne se pehle mere kaan phat kyun nahi gaye!!

I am not going to repeat what she said because you have probably read it a million times on various portals across the internet. She bagged the position of social media’s obsession-of-the-week.

So many articles teaching her the meaning of motherhood and slamming her for the ‘puppy comment’.  I am sure she didn’t see it coming. She probably forgot for the moment that she is not in college anymore and is a ‘celebrity’ or rather a ‘celebrity’s wife’ now.

I am not writing just another article to slam this young lady, many others have already done it. I just want to say, STOP IT ALREADY!

Being Privileged Is Not Her Fault

Let’s please stop, and think! She is a very young woman who just got out of college. She has had a (fairly) privileged life and it can be assumed that she has been kept away from the hardships and certain harsh realities because she moved directly from her parent’s shade to now her husband’s. Even her Wikipedia page has her picture with her husband. But let me say it loud and clear, it’s not her fault! 

Now by default of her husband being a famous actor, it is obvious that some of his light will also reflect on Mira. Before this, she lived a life in which she was unknown and just another college student like us. She might be habituated to the comfortable and luxurious life but the spotlight on her is new.

She has not had much experience in life which can be called first-hand and there is a lot that she is dealing with at the moment simultaneously – the fame, the media scrutiny, ‘motherhood’, being the “good wife” as said in her interview, etc.

Why would you think that she is an expert on motherhood? She has a one-year old infant. If you think motherhood is only about taking care of your child when they are an infant, you are the one who’s wrong!

Whatever her ideas, experiences or thoughts are, I would suggest, we leave it to her.

Early 20s Are A Tough Time For All Of Us! 

She is in her early 20s like a lot of us. You might be dealing with your job, your college, your entrance exams, your start-up or whatever. Similarly, Mira is also dealing with her set of issues. She might be as confused, as confident, as focused, as complicated, as ambitious, as easy-going as we are.

All of us say a lot of crap all day, just that we have the privilege of not being under media scrutiny all the time. But can you give me a 100% assurance that whatever ideas you hold right now will not change 10 years from now? No right? We will grow. We will change. And maybe even look back and say how stupid we were!

So when you have that privilege, why not cut Mira some slack too! She too is young, growing and gaining new experiences.

Even I was disappointed at her ideas about feminism and motherhood. But give the woman some time. So I would please request everyone to let a margin of error exist.

I am sick of reading articles EVERY DAMN DAY TRYING TO TEACH MIRA A LESSON! And I am sure you are too. I say, leave her alone, she will learn her lessons on her own.

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  1. Good one. If you don’t agree with her but she is within her rights for saying what she says (meaning no libel, inciting violence, racism etc) then just ignore her. If you agree then support her or again ignore her; the choice is yours. However, to run her down for stating her views which may not be in line with yours, is just not done.

    • Indeed she has all the rights to speak her mind and she did. Nowhere is it written that she didn’t have the right to say what she did. I totally agree with you that we should ignore her and that is exactly what the article says. We need to STOP running after her.

      But by no means is the article intentionally trying to bring her down. It gives full space to her to have an opinion and state it like she did.

      Infact, there was no talk of her opinion in the entire article. It is stated that her opinions won’t be repeated.

      It is clearly stated that we need to cut her some slack and STOP doing what has been going on since a week.

      The article only tries to build a context/basis for her opinion. That’s all.


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