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This Is The Hilly City To Be In, If You’re Looking For A Quick Trip: We Liv’ED It


Liv’ED It: It is an ED original style where we write about our personal experiences on experiencing and reviewing any app/place/website which gives us a feeling of coming back for more.

You know which hilly city I am talking about if you’ve watched the “Jaadu” starrer “Koi Mil Gaya”. Yes, it’s Rohit’s hometown and the place where an alien landed in Bollywood. It’s the hilly city KASAULI.

Hilly Kasauli 1

This time, we narrate our experience at the beautiful hill station of Kasauli and how we liv’ED it!


Kasauli is a small cantonment and hilly town, located in Solan district in Himachal Pradesh. It is known for its beautiful mountains and the perfect chilly temperature!

How To Reach

Since, we went on an instant trip without preplanning, we caught a bus from I.S.B.T. (Kashimiri Gate) (running)! But yeah, from subsequent research I can tell you that there are a lot of buses available from there. Less Volvos, though!

Another option and the best one is by road, in your own vehicle, that way you can rejuvenate the most from the scenic view on the way!


Apart from momos and pahadi food, Kasauli is known for its woollen clothes. Another speciality is the wooden handicrafts!

Special sightseeing places include: Christ Church, Kasauli Brewery, Sunset Point, Manki Point, the Mall Road and the Krishna Bhavan Mandir.

Apart from all these, Kasauli is known as a hiker’s paradise! You could just walk around the entire city on foot and hey, click the beauty around!


Kasauli is best place to visit for relaxation and adventure as it is situated in the lap of nature! And the best part? It’s one of the best places for a quick trip from Delhi!

We reached Kasauli at about 3 or 4 in the evening, checked into are hotel and went on a hike. Later in the evening, we roamed around the city and had dinner in one of those li’l cafes which make you believe that good food can actually come in affordable prices!

At night, we had a bonfire session over some spicy chit-chat and good music. The next day, we went on sightseeing and here’s a warning: BEWARE OF THE MONKEYS IN THE CITY. Yep, they do not spare you if you roam around with food in your hand! ESPECIALLY, AT THE MANKI POINT!

All in all, it is one experience worth experiencing.

It was my first solo trip in a way and boy, I have some amazing memories from Kasauli!

Value For Money

To be honest, Kasauli is one of the cheapest places to be in. There are beautiful resorts and hotels in and around, for the most affordable prices.

Even if you travel without pre-booking, it’s not an issue. Considering the fact that a lot of people survive here on tourism, there’s always some or the other place vacant!

The food is typical authentic “pahadi food” and if you still wanna binge on junk, even that’s available in the li’l cafes in Kasauli. Again, even food is at reasonable prices! MOMOS ARE TO DIE FOR and special shoutout to CAFÉ RUDRA!

I’d definitely rate Kasauli very high on value for money!


You should definitely take your own vehicle and travel with a good number of friends. Kasauli is more about chilling with friends or family than sight seeing!

You have to go and hike here, you just have to! And if you do have some time in your hand, how about some adventure sports?

Do not forget to try the authentic pahadi food. And hey, “a plate of momos a day, keeps the doctor away!” totally works in Kasauli.

Virtual Trip

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Liv’ED It Score Card


Visiting Kasauli after reading this, are we?
Let us know in the comments below!

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