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All Sarcastic That Happened In The News Last Week: Trash It, Trend It!


Rishank Dabra

A very Happy New Year to you my dear reader! With resolutions in mind and celebrations all around, news last week did not fail to live up its regular expectation of being bold and bizarre.

To laugh till your belly aches or cry till your head hurts, you be the judge!


‘Mitron’, missing in PM Narendra Modi’s 31st December Speech
In first order for news last week, throughout the PM’s speech on 31st December, 2016 the word ‘Mitron’, which has been usually used in his past speeches was missing and that came as a surprise or disappointment to many.

Interestingly, Social Offline was offering beer at Rs. 31 and Grofers, an e-commerce grocery portal, was offering Rs. 10 cashback every time PM used Mitron in his speech.

Maybe PM Modi got the know how before his speech that his ‘Mitron’ gesture is being used for bad business and he de-mitronized it.

news last week
Modi’s speech without ‘Mitron’… The only big thing to come out of his 31st Dec. speech


Alibaba Founder Jack Ma’s World Economic Forum visit video highlighting his failures going viral

A 3 minute video made out of 45 minute video published a year back of Jack Ma is doing the rounds on the internet in which he has highlighted that he was rejected by Harvard 10 times.

He also mentioned that when KFC came to China, 24 people went for the job out of which 23 got accepted and 1 got rejected who was he himself.

It has got 17 million views and counting.

This shows no matter a person becomes a multi billionaire and achieve loads and loads of success people do enjoy or take fun in recognizing the failures he has gone through so that they can also say to themselves that even if we are failing today we can still be Jack Ma and Pa of tomorrow.

news last week
Jack Ma of Alibaba shows that success is nothing without failure

Barack Obama shares on his Twitter account a video recounting his experience at the White House

As he soon bids adieu to the White house, Mr. President Barack Obama displayed some of the visuals of the inside of the White House and also remembers his first night when he was overwhelmed when he took office, considering the history behind it.

Wonder what Trump video for his first night at the White House is like given that he tweets by the minute and has shown some of his craziest antics on Twitter ever seen for any U.S. presidential candidate.

The Whole world waits in desperation to the freakishness of Trump in 2017.

Hope he gets overwhelmed and gain some sanity on his 1st day!!

news last week
Obama shares his White House experience… Guess Drumpf will have to mess that up too



Kim Jong-Un Gives His Army Diet, giving them Diarrhoea!!
In other news last week, what was supposed to provide a satisfactory diet for North Korean soldiers after they complained in the flood stricken areas has left them sick after the imposition of the diet by their dictator Kim Jong-Un.

Some of the supplies contained iron powder, threads, and sand.

This is height of stupidity.

The army is supposed to protect the interests of the Kim Fatty III only and instead of providing the army sufficient diet, he has diseased them.

It’s not like they asked for Pizza or burgers. This incident brings back reminiscence of the movie ‘The Interview’ which is a parody based on Kim Jong-un’s life.

news last week
Kim Jon Un… le sigh

Italian orchestra director tells children Santa doesn’t exist, expelled

An Italian orchestra director Giacomo Loprieno told children during a performance that Santa Claus and then stormed off the stage.

This reaction was response to families leaving during his performance and that irritated him.

However, after he said this, children started crying and event organisers distanced themselves from Giacomo Loprieno and his comments.

When he thought that people are not enjoying the performance he wouldn’t have thought that what he would say would disrupt his future performances altogether.

Someone has correctly put it that some truths are better left unsaid because they are more sour than grapes.

news this week
Oh course Santa exists… what do you mean it is just a made up person?!

Indigo and Spicejet Planes come close to each other on runway, creates row

While their rivalry in the aviation industry has grown over the past few years and it is beginning to show even on the field (literally) as the planes came as near to the point of colliding and this created a ruckus online.

While their industry rivalry has empowered the customers by giving them choices and competitive prices, but this face to face competition is not required with planes as this competition if turned into collision will become a reason for demise of both not just of the planes but also their brands and is certainly not needed.

new last week
Oh so you wanna go? Let’s go big guy. Give me your best shot.


That’s all for the news last week.  We hope this year is also overwhelmingly charming.

See you next week!

Rishank is an MBA guide, currently staying in Mumbai. He likes reading and writing and loves challenging the status quo by voicing his eccentric opinions.

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