It is inevitable for us to promote local culture and also those who keep it alive, in order to preserve a country’s culture and heritage.

Maavni Designs, a startup established in the Tier 2 city of Bhubaneswar, is an epitome of this. Continue reading to learn more about what it does and how it works.

What It Is About? 

Maavni Designs was founded in 2019 in Bhubaneswar by a group of artists and creatives with the goal of bringing more colours of creativity into people’s lives. Smaranika Mohapatra founded the company because she was passionate about handicrafts.

Handmade Buddha artwork designed by artisan in Maanvi

The name “Maavni” combines the words Ma, which means mother and Avni, which means earth, to form Mother Earth. They chose this name as they show the divine and enchanting beauty of Mother Earth through their artwork.

What Do They Do At Maavni?  

They have a team of artisans who make handicrafts that are then sold online in India and also in various other countries. Smaranika told Your Story, We started with home decor products and slowly expanded into apparel and accessories.

Our edge over other players is that we provide personalised products to suit customer demands. A majority of our work is done in-house; several artisans have been onboarded as full-time employees.” 

On their website, you can also customise your work. Customers can select their preferred colour, design and other personalization options. Referrals account for the majority of their work.

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Many artists sought help from Maavni Designs during the pandemic in order to sell their handmade creations and earn money to support their families, as the country’s commerce and finances were badly hit and many lost their jobs during that phase. 

Beautiful products from Maavni Designs

Also, women workers have been highly benefited through Maavni Designs as they can bring their kids to the office and work at the same time. Hence, they simultaneously work, take care of their kids and earn handsome stipends as well. 

How Artisans Have Been Benefited? 

Smaranika, praising her artisans, told Edex Live, “If you offer an artist the right platform, you will find that each and every one of them is bestowed with the power of expression and are so talented.” 

Gorgeous handmade dolls from Maavni Designs

Purna Chandra Mahapatra, an artist working at Maavni, states, “Maavni ensures regular projects for me, resulting in a constant income. I get work worth Rs 30,000 to 40,000 per month.”

Their lead artists are Purna Chandra Mahapatra, Saroj Kumar Mahapatra and Purna Chandra Maharana, who not only create wonderful artworks but also assist other artists to do the same. 

Startups like Maavni Designs give hope to local artists that their precious work can help them earn higher incomes and lead happy and successful lives. Also, in the 21st century, when the entire world is getting more and more globalised, such startups play a crucial role in promoting the local culture.

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Sources: Maavni Designs, Your Story, Edex Live

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