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Things to Know If You Own A DSLR


It’s the 21st century and every aspiring photographer today owns a digital camera, but what are the basics rules and tricks that you need to know to make your photography more aesthetically appealing.

First things first, you should definitely, “even if hell freezes over”, know the full form of DSLR, so in bold letters, the full form of DSLR is Digital Single Lens Reflection.

And the second most important thing is to know the meaning of three main words: Aperture, ISO and shutter speed. If you don’t, stop right here and go Google these definitions or read the camera manual.

So once you are clear with these basics you can move on to more technical techniques of shooting with a DSLR which are as follows:

  1. Rule of Third:

This rule states that the focusing element of the photograph should be in one of four points which are the corner of a square formed by the diagonals of the rectangular photograph. Placing the element in any of the four corners gives the photograph a very artistic feel.


  1. Depth of Field:

This rule basically works on adjusting the aperture of the camera. The effect created by this rule helps you create layers and choose if your focus should be on the background or on the front object.


  1. Framing

Giving the picture an outline or creating a composition by placing certain objects in a frame is called framing. It helps in focusing on the main element of the picture and creates a harmony feel in the picture.


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  1. Leading lines

Following lines creates a very interesting effect in photography as it gives the picture a continuity and rhythm. In this basically, you align your picture with any kind of line perspective be it diagonal, horizontal, vertical or curvy.


  1. Perspective

One, two and three point perspective is very important in photography as it gives a depth i.e. multiple layers to the photograph taken.


  1. Symmetry and Asymmetry

The picture needs to have a balance to make it look beautiful. This is achieved by balancing the elements in the picture.


By incorporating these elements or techniques in your photography you can make your picture look very professional and also get those many many likes on Facebook and Instagram.

So try it and act like a true photographer! *wink*

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