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Things not to say to your EX!!



Here’s presenting you a list of a few things you should never ever ever ever (Arnab Goswami style) say to your Ex.
1) I Love You: these three words have the power to make or break your relationship. Save these words for someone other than your Ex-lover. Give yourself another chance to go out and look for your other half, maybe they show you what love really is?

2) Let’s get back together: there are chances that you’ll say “lets get back together” as soon as you get a little high. DON’T DO THIS. There is only one in a million chances that things will work out between you and your ex after the break up. And before you decide to go for it, make sure that you think it through, are you ready to go through the same pain again?

3) I am pregnant: the biggest nightmare for any guy is when his girlfriend comes up and tells him that she’s pregnant. So think about what would it be like when you’ve gotten your ex pregnant? The horror doesn’t end here; what if she tells you she has decided to have the baby. Okay so the biggest lesson life can teach you now is to “use protection” the next time. Its already difficult to bear your ex, her having your baby will take away your peace of mind.

4) I cheated on you, I am sorry.. it was a one time thing: even when you have cheated on him or her, don’t expect your ex to take you back. Being cheated on can break an individual emotionally. Maybe if you have done something, give the other person time, if they want to come back to you they will. But well the chances are less, but you could always hope for the best.

5) You are everything I need: NO, never make yourself come to a stage in life where you need your ex to validate you. You don’t need them anymore, there’s a reason why you’ve broken up, find that. Probably this break up has happened just to teach you how great you can be and do in life independently.

6) Let’s make love: there’s probably no reason to make love with someone you’ve decided to let go from your life. Either it is just the sin of lust that’s making you do it or probably because you still love them or maybe a combination of both. I know feelings of love and lust are difficult to control, but maybe avoid getting physical with your ex. It would hinder your process of moving on.

7) I will never fall in love again: THAT’S A LIE. Everybody has their special someone with whom they fall in love. You could meet this special someone even after your 3rd relationship or 4th. So don’t worry that you’ll die alone, you won’t. You will surely fall in love again. But if you truly believe that your ex is the one, go grab them and tell them how much they mean to you.

8) I’ll do whatever you want me to do: there’s a difference between wanting to make things work out and giving up your self-respect. I understand that you want things to work out but if you haven’t done something wrong, there’s no need to compromise on your self respect. Someone so much better will come your way, trust the lords on this one.
Before you take any stupid decision just take a deep breath, think and make sure that this is what you want..



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