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Dear love interest of my life



Dear present/ future love interest of my life

I am a typical girl in love. Any act I do to shirk off that image like pretending to love action movies, starting a conversation about how well Dhoni played, smiling upon seeing a picture of you with your ex, acting cool after seeing the “online” status on whatsapp and no texts from you is just to keep the hopeless conversation going. Let me tell you sweetheart, it’s just a mirage I create to keep me from burning to chars and not getting imprisoned for stabbing you to death (just saying, my love!).

I do get pissed off at your acts of being a stud. I am not cool with you hanging out with all the pretty damsels. I am possessive. In simple words, I am a girl, dude!

I don’t demand for a lovey-dovey evening (I won’t mind if we have one, though), all I want is your dedicated efforts to take out some time from your super busy schedule and prove that yes you do care. A “love you, I missed you today” a day will keep the cranky attacks away, how hard is it for you to understand?

I like to be shown that I am loved, I like to see you put efforts into keeping me close to you, these ornamental gestures will not make you less manly.

I understand that you have work to do, I know you are busy with classes, coaching or other projects. But this doesn’t justify your ignorance. I hope this warning letter shakes you back to senses. Otherwise, Hasta la vista, baby! Adios! And a small reminder: tum nahi toh aur sahi, aur nahi toh koi aur sahi! (Yes, it IS a taunt this time, honey).

Yours possessively
The girl you keep testing

P.S. – Do not dare to get relationship advice from your friends. Tata!


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