The concept of love marriage is still something not that widely prevalent in Indian society. The arranged marriage is till date a more accepted way of creating matrimonial matches wherein the parents decide on the future partner of their children based on their own pre-set standards and conditions and only then does the marriage occur.

The kids getting married in a love marriage setting is considered more to be a modern situation for those hailing from urban, metro cities and something caused by ‘Western influence’ if you asked some people.

Now, as per reports, the Supreme Court while hearing a case for a marriage dispute further commented that perhaps the rising divorce rate in the country is because of love marriages only.

What Did The Supreme Court Say?

On 17th May 2023, a bench of Justices BR Gavai and Sanjay Karol at the Supreme Court were hearing a case of transfer petition coming from a matrimonial dispute and during this, the counsel informed the Court that the marriage of the people involved in it was a love marriage.

To This Justice Gavai commented that, “Most divorces are arising from love marriages only.”

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Supreme Court love marriage

The judge did not really comment further on this, nor are there any concrete data on how true this statement is in the Indian social climate.

In the case itself, the Court went on to propose mediation but when the husband opposed that suggestion, the Court stated that due to a decision passed on May 1st 2023, they would be eligible to grant divorce even without his consent.

This decision was taken at the beginning of the month based on a five-judge constitution bench headed by Justices S K Kaul, and including Sanjiv Khanna, A S Oka, Vikram Nath, and J K Maheshwari.

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