Giving an interview is surely an experience in itself, the nerves, the surly interviewer, the pressure to make a good impression and eventually get the job, are all piled on.

However, whoever said that taking an interview is easy has surely never had a bad interviewee come in.

Yes, taking an interview is not as easy as it sounds. Sometimes you might get the perfect candidate and just at the last moment they might reveal a completely shocking fact about themselves.

You also have to keep a balance between seeming friendly and professional, making sure to ask all the right questions and more than that, getting the information you want from the interviewer.

There is a lot that rests on the shoulders of the interviewer and almost every person who has taken an interview will have their own unique horror story of that one or certain few interviewees who were so bad that it was nightmare in itself.

Here are a few of such stories relayed to me by my acquaintances and few that come from personal experience:

1. The Clueless Interviewee:

As per this story from my acquaintance, their team was desperately looking for a person to join on. The work load was getting heavier but the team number was still small which was creating rift between the members.

In comes this girl, who for all purposes seemed like an ideal fit to the team and the company. Smart, well read, speaks properly and smartly, had good qualifications and overall was an ideal employee.

After a lengthy interview of almost 45 minutes, she suddenly looks confused and asks what the job title exactly is.

On being answered that it is a content writer position, the girl immediately backtracked and said that she thought the interview was for some other position and that she is not looking for a job in that

Did the girl not look at the position she was applying for or clarify with someone about what position is she interviewing for in the first place?

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2. The Whole Resume Was An Autocorrect Mistake:

According to a friend who recently had to suffer through this mess of an interview, the resume itself can be made into a meme that will go viral.

But apparently the interviewee had a resume that was in itself an autocorrect mistake wherein the guy in his achievement listed the 1st prize that he won in a college competition from a society he was president of.

The interviewee also abused in Hindi about his previous employers and for a good half hour talked trash about some of his earlier colleagues.

When the interviewer tried to ask questions, they were interrupted and the guy would not listen, too involved in telling his stories.

Not only is this wrong interview etiquette but also shows a high degree of unprofessionalism.

3. The One With The Anger Management Issue:

A personal experience would be the interview of a candidate that on first glance might have seemed a bit off, but after talking to them we were definitely impressed.

Their ability to handle hard and difficult questions, their knowledge on different matters and their experience all seemed good enough for us.

Having brought in our senior for a final interview, we were just going to close them and finalise them for the position when our senior in a way to divert the conversation and lighten the mood, asked about the candidates’ hand injury.

The candidate then answered that it was because they got into a fight with another employee at their previous place of employment.

And that they had supposedly been told had anger management issues.

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