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Gyms in Delhi are the latest fad and not entirely a wrong one, since it just means more people are thinking about their physical health, even if it is just to post selfies and videos online. 

Considering the rising pollution level in Delhi, it is more than necessary to give attention to one’s health and that’s something I myself have started doing. 

But it was as I started to research some good and dependable gyms around my area, that I realised how heavy it all is going to be on my pocket. 

Even a normal budget gym had their prices starting upward of Rs. 10,000, and the actually good ones had gone over 20,000 for just one month. 

Now, I didn’t want to shell out so much money for a place that I wasn’t even sure was going to make any difference, which is when I stumbled upon an absolutely free gym in Delhi’s Saket’s J-Block main park. 

Yup, called open air gyms, these have been around for quite some time now and Grand Slam Fitness is the one providing the equipment. 

I visited one and it was really interesting how there was an entirely free gym right there and nobody really knew about it. 

The entire open gym has been laid out in one section of the park, so it does not create an obstruction for the rest of park goers and their activities.

There is actually a very good range of different equipment that tackle different parts of the body. 

Apparently, this is a project by the municipal corporation of the city and have to say, that the area around it is pretty neatly maintained, even the equipment seems to be in pretty good condition, no rusting or broken parts to be seen. It’s not every day that I’m surprised that our city authorities can actually do something good.

Along with the equipment, the thing that impressed me was how there is a signboard on each equipment with its name, how to use and exactly what is its purpose. 

There is this one called Horse Rider Station, where the movement is identical to how one would ride a horse. It’s said to help the leg and calf muscles. 

This is the shoulder wheel, to help shoulder joints and upper limbs. These pieces of equipment also clarify what’s the suitable age for each machine. 

You can see ones that are good for young children to use, adults and seniors and use accordingly.

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All that tension of getting a good gym, paying the high price of them, getting a trainer, and then adjusting your routine to fit it in is all gone by this. 

With this open gym, you don’t have to worry about those costs and use these open-air gyms instead if you want to.

After some research, it’s come up that the SDMC had first started this project in 2016 and since then the number has increased to an impressive 780. 

There are plans to open about 110 of more such gyms, with each one requiring around Rs. 6-7 lakh, and maintenance is done by the brand that the corporation has partnered with.

Let us know if you’ve tried a free gym ever and what your experience has been so far. 

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Sources: Times of India, India Today

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