December 13: Studies have shown that 5 out of 6 students never ask doubts because they feel shy or scared while sitting in a class. To focus on this vital troubling aspect of a child, a team of expert educationists created and recently launched a new app called Doubtsapp.

The mobile app is just a few months old, but it has received tremendous responses from the student-parent fraternity. With already 80K plus users, the app is available on Playstore and have a free 3-day trial period offer to start with.

We got into a candid interview just after their press conference held in Mumbai, with the core team of DoubtsApp and owners of 2cos72 Innotech Pvt Ltd to understand how different this new platform is for students to clarify any subject related doubts.

TA- First of all, congratulations on your new endeavour. But what was the need of developing a doubt solving app when there are so many of them already in the industry?

Team Doubtsapp- Almost all students face difficulties while understanding the concept and then clarifying their doubts as school teachers have restricted to a few hours of online classes. 

To assist and help in solving doubts of the students as to when needed, many online educational apps came to their rescue. But most of them just offer visual performance; the core problem of Doubt phobia (a chronic fear of asking doubt) in students remained as is. With DoubtsApp, we as educationalists are trying to solve this issue, found in 90% of students, especially in a country like ours where the education system is not par excellence. Our methodology will make them ask the right questions and get answers when needed and with utmost diligence and care. No time bounding.

TA – How does the app clear the student’s doubt in the most systematic way, as claimed by you?

Team Doubtsapp- This app claims to make the child confidently ask any doubt in any subject and get the solution instantly. They can just enter their doubt in the system via text, chat, photo. This way, their fear of asking questions is solved. After that, our integrated system first tries to solve their queries with predefined notes, guides and textbook answers. Further, they can go through the explanatory videos to have more clarity, and finally, if the doubt still persists, they will have the option of live video chat with the subject matter expert teacher. This stepwise method will help them understand the core concept in the best possible way.

TA – What makes the Doubt app different from its competitors? What kind of competition will expect to face?

 Team Doubtsapp- There is competition for sure, and it will rise, but the way we have programmed our app, others will take around two or three years to match our content. In India, we are the first one to introduce the one-to-one live video chat with experts anytime, anywhere. Moreover, inclusive features like availability of all textbooks, guides, notes in a crisp, clean, searchable PDF format on your phone so that students are saved from the burden to carry books, AI-based search and psychometric tests to understand the child’s weak areas. Again, we have collaborated with board monitored expert teachers to make small batches of questionnaires for testing the learning pedagogy. Before integrating anything in the modules, we verify it with experts. All of these actions require detailed analysis and research as well as time and money. 

TA- How cost-effective is Doubtsapp for a middle-income group family?

Team Doubtsapp-That’s a good question and a major factor that will give us the edge over others. Although the app price is INR 5000, as a part of our launch offer, we have placed it INR1999. We have kept the pricing very cost-effective to reach the maximum number of people. Our vision is that education shouldn’t be limited to any one section of society, but it should propagate to every nook and corner of our country.

TA- Can you introduce the core team to our readers?

Team Doubtsapp- Our core team comprises experts who have years of experience in their respective fields. The brains behind the innovative app are Mr Amit Kumar, senior educationalist; Mr Harsh Jain as an expert business strategist and Mr Rahul Badkul, an operation & Business Development. 

TA- Does your app target any specific grades?

Team Doubtsapp- Presently, the app caters only to students of classes 6th to 12th. Nevertheless, we have the vision to make the app useful for every age group- starting from kindergarten to plus two in upcoming years. We target to extend it further to aspirants of multiple competitive exams like IIT-JEE, NEET, banking, MBA, UPSC etc.


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