India’s silk industry is one of the industries which generates high employment and brings monetary benefits to our country. As India is the second-largest producer of silk, it is essential for silk weavers to enjoy safe and comfortable work hours. 

Resham Sutra, a startup based in New Delhi, understands this and is on board to help our silk weavers with their solar energy-based machines. 

However, before exploring the startup, we’ll first take a look into what was the main issue and how Resham Sutra assisted in finding a solution to it.

Thigh Reeling: An Aching Weaving Process 

Behind the shining and sparkling silk fabric is a painful procedure of thigh reeling. After the rearing of the cocoon, a process of thigh silk reeling is followed. The procedure involves weavers sitting cross-legged, extracting five to six filaments of the cocoon and wrapping it on their thighs. 

The process of thigh reeling

Using their left hand, they twist it along with ash powder, oil and starch. This process is exhausting and weavers have also complained of cuts, wounds, thigh and hand injuries. 

Such a heart-wrenching situation of thigh reeling prompted Kunal Vaid, the founder of Resham Sutra, to initiate this startup. 

Exploring The Startup

Kunal’s faith that there could be a solution to this issue came as a blessing for the silk weavers. Hence, they developed solar machines which provided them better productivity, quality and a safe weaving process that doesn’t involve cuts and wounds. 

Resham Sutra’s founder, Kunal Vaid

With the motto of “making machines that bring happiness”, Resham Sutra is transforming the lives of millions of silk weavers. They aim to create sustainable employment in rural areas whilst also working on reducing poverty. 

They are also on a mission to empower women, and by bringing machines for silk weaving, they have generated employment opportunities for women, where they can weave silk painlessly and a lot quicker. 

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Simultaneously, by making solar machines they are also working on environmental protection which has become a necessity in today’s world   as we deal with climate change and hazards.   

The team of Resham Sutra also added, “It is backed by the Powering Livelihoods programme, jointly run by Council On Energy, Environment, and Water (CEEW)  and Villgro Innovations Foundation.”

Investment By Social Ventures

When people create such startups to empower other people, a solution is provided and the environment is protected, it grabs the attention of many. 

Empowerment of women in Resham Sutra

Likewise, Upaya Social Ventures heard about Resham Sutra and decided to invest in the startup. They invested a disclosed amount of money in Resham Sutra as they were moved by the company’s aim and vision. 

CEO of Upaya, Kate Cochran stated, “Upaya invests in companies that not only create jobs for the poor but ensure that those jobs have dignity. We were impressed by the dignity conferred on Resham Sutra’s weavers through the specialized machines they use and the beauty of their work.”

The investment will enable the company to work towards improving things and come as a saviour for silk weavers. 

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Sources: The Logical Indian, Resham Sutra, Upaya Social Ventures

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