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The Trivial Truths of Life- Media Priorities or Junk


Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

Terrorist attacks, neighboring countries encroaching on borders, societal unrest and plenty more grave and urgent matters need immediate attention.

But what do we all decide to focus on instead?

In the next few days, I will take you all, through plenty of trivial and frankly nonsensical issues that we all choose to focus on instead of actually doing any type of work that might benefit this country. And how the media too expends many resources and taxpayers hard earned money in going after such trivial matters.

I get the point of media, I understand its importance and I want you all to understand that I am not some bimbette who is just going on a rant about how media is bad and just critiquing mindlessly. This is a very real issue we deal with and I am afraid that we do not give it the importance it deserves.

Media has always skirted the line of interference. The  essential idea of a public mode of media is so that the public or authoritative figures in our life remain in line, and do not abuse the power that they have.

But many times throughout history media has always overstepped their own boundaries and delved unnecessarily into the private lives of these very public figures. The paparazzi for a long time has made life difficult for the public figures of this world, from celebrities to politician to athletes…no one was spared. But at least they all still had some reprieve as till a few years back not everyone could follow them 24×7 right!

All that changed with the introduction of social media and mobile data connections, where with one click a random stranger can alert the whole media of the location to a certain public figure. Now these very public figures are literally public. Nothing they do or say is hidden or private anymore.

Now I don’t particularly have a problem with social media per say, it’s allowed the world to become smaller in size by allowing its people to communicate crossing through borders and oceans. I also understand the fun factor of it. Everyone likes a bit of gossip every now and then.

But the thing that I have a problem with is the growing attention that media has started to give to the section of social media. Or the avalanche that one tweet or post can create resulting in sometimes very humiliating or shocking ends.

And these things always float around in the net world, the public figures of our society can never hope of one of their acts to go unnoticed or maybe over time forgotten. Because there is always one person who will bring it up sometime or another.

Another factor that I hope to tackle with in this article is the growing hate in the world of social media. Every second day or even on the most trivial of issues people have this tendency to make a big deal about it and then similar minded people come in and then comes into effect the mob mentality.

First as an example of this wide spread reach of the social media is the issue of, Shahid Kapoor’s marriage. Because of course, who he is getting married to is of the utmost importance and one that should not be neglected.

It’s a bit hard to show appropriate sarcasm through the written word, but I’m sure you all get what I’m trying to say.

When one of my whatsapp group blew up with almost close to 200 messages just from this little piece of news that Shahid Kapoor was apparently going to get married to this girl from Delhi University. Now, just before that some of us were discussing the topic of gold money and well, I don’t have to tell you how much interest that garnered. But, what got me really thinking was the fact, that this little fact which till now has not even been proven right, had brought on this wave of excitement and energy that people where willing to fight dirty also in effort to either dismiss or prove this little matter.

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

And although I have much better things to do than focus on such a nonsensical matter and that too who the hell Shahid Kapoor is marrying but imagine my surprise when I saw the next day on the front page of HT City this very piece of information in this big ass article. I was like what the….

Are you kidding me?! You guys are wasting so much valuable space and paper to print this shit.

What shocked me even more is the amount of time and energy that the media is giving to this issue and also the anonymous little s***s out there who are gleefully staring at their computer screens in wait for their 2 minutes of fame. Because they know that the slightest bit of controversy and the media will swoop in like a hungry vulture and grab it to be deposited in front of every household and these people will get their due fame.

What I’m also concerned about is the hate that this girl is apparently getting. People have quickly become judge, jurist and executors to this poor girl and have immediately set their minds on what type of a girl she is and some are actively working towards spreading their hate towards her.

No, I’m serious, some people have actually created groups against her and are literally slandering her image all over the net.

I mean, I get the whole freedom of speech, but just cause you are jealous of someone doesn’t really give you the right to tarnish their reputation.

Another example of people having too much time on their hands and too much freedom is this case of Anushka Sharma and how its all apparently her fault that the Indian team lost  to Australian Team in the semi-finals of the World Cup 2015.

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

I mean the poor girl went to one match to be a supportive girlfriend and be there for her partner and the social media sphere made it into something so completely ridiculous and over the top issue that even you would feel that it really was her fault that team India lost the match.

Oh no, it wasn’t that the Australian team was better or maybe it was just a off chance that Australia won, nope people, the whole blame for it falls on Anushka Sharma little frail shoulders.

And people got to angry over her daring bad luck that she apparently brought on our country that they thought that burning effigies of her would be the most proper and appropriate thing to do so that she could be punished properly.

I completely understand the fun in social media and all that it brings with it. But I also feel that it is high time that we humans evolve enough to strike a balance between our virtual world and the real world. I also enjoy some of the more funny factors of the social media but I also understand that at one point it stops being fun and starts to get really sick.

I mean these are also people, real, breathing human beings that I suppose can feel hurt and humiliation and fear over some of the over enthusiastic people out there. I think we need to be a bit just a bit more compassionate people at the core and also learn to balance where all this social media thing ends and where our own real world begins.

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

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