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The Top 5 Most Under-Rated Comedy Movies Of 2016


2016 gave us plenty of movies which were brilliant in their own right across various genres. More often than so, the comedy genre doesn’t get the appreciation it deserves and is overlooked.

Although, movies like Bad Moms and Neighbors 2 made some pretty good profits on the box office, there were some amazing comedy movies which couldn’t so so, despite immense critical acclaim and appreciation.

So, if  movies like Great Grand Masti are your idea of comedy, I suggest you proceed with caution while reading this article.

We present the most under-rated comedy movies of 2016 :

1. Popstar : Never Stop Never Stopping :

Andy Samberg’s brilliant comic timing and acting is what drives this film. This is one of the comedy movies which take absurd comic scenes to a whole new level. The movie is a part spoof – part original account of a “popstar” in the 21st century and Andy Samberg nails the character.


The songs in the movie are equally absurd and funny as they get and the supporting cast does a phenomenal job. Rated a solid 77% on Rotten Tomatoes by critics, this movie didn’t do well financially but is a superb way to tickle your funny bone for the weekend.

2. Keanu :

Now, this one is an absolute cracker! Starring two renowned funny men in the names of Jordan Peele and Keygan Michael-Key (who appeared together in the hit show Key & Peele), this movie is a half-assed road trip comedy which almost does the impossible in every scene.


Plenty of gangster jokes and black humor, this is a full-on epic about 2 guys looking for their lost cat and the hilarity that ensues after when they start looking for him.

Add that to the brilliantly cast leads with their chemistry and the adorable cat named Keanu and you can promise yourself a treat.

3. The Nice Guys :

Boasting of some brilliant acting by the dynamic duo of Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe, The Nice Guys seems to tick all right boxes when it comes to casting for a comedy movie and nailing it with some amazing dialogues.


Rated a solid 92% on Rotten Tomatoes, the movie wasn’t as successful financially but was lauded by the audiences and critics alike. And as per recommendations, forget about the slapstick duo gimmicks in Ride Along 2 or Dirty Grandpa. Go and watch The Nice Guys.

4. Morris From America :

A 13-year old African American living with his father in Germany. Sounds pretty normal, right?

Not in this movie.

This comedy flick goes on to explore the journey of the 13-year old Morris who wants to be a rapper or even more so, a gangsta rapper.


Hilarity ensues when Morris meets a new girl and things for him go topsy-turvy and that’s all there is which we’ll reveal. Watch the movie to know more. It’s worth your time.

5. Sausage Party :

This comedy movie is a one-of-a-kind as it is the only ANIMATED ADULT COMEDY MOVIE on this list.

Although this movie fared pretty well financially as compared to others on the list, it still didn’t crack the big bucks as it should’ve.


A movie about all types of food doing all kinds of stuff on your screens, watch and find out how food can make better comedy than the Wayans brothers. Excellent voice-overs, brilliant storyline and animation, this right here is pure gold.

So, there you have it! Until next time, keep laughing stay funny. We don’t like boring people, anyway.

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