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The Top 10 Entrepreneurs of 2020


In essence, the goal of entrepreneurship is to scale income. You can say that your business is thriving and it is succeeding if you’re constantly growing your reach and clientele. For some, expanding a business and earning more is the end of it. But for some, entrepreneurship is more than that; it is helping the community thrive as they thrive. By increasing their capacity as a company, they also increase opportunities within the community and provide platforms and areas for individuals to maximize their skills. Here are the Top 10 entrepreneurs of 2020:

  • Nancy Rosales

Pepito’s Paletas is a minority and woman-owned business in San Francisco. It brings traditional vegan Mexican Paleta recipes to food lovers everywhere. The company’s founder is Nancy Rosales. 

The award-winning entrepreneur is also a strategic media consultant and owner of NRConsulting and where she teaches and offers a smartphone masterclass on how to produce and create 4k high quality content. Her clients range from her closest family members to fortune 500 CEOs. 

If you think you might know her, it’s probably because you have seen her inside Ad campaigns like Lumosity, HP, Wells Fargo, Cisco, Raley’s, NobHill Foods, SF Giants, IBM, Ford and many others.

Her creativity has brought her many recognitions, including induction into the Latina Empresaria Hall of Fame 2019 from California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce and becoming Latina Style Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year.

Pepito’s first opened shop in 2007, but would meet the brutal effects of the 2008 recession. Nancy showed resilience and searched for resources and support to continue her business. She attended training programs, signed up for accelerator programs, and landed with Prospera Cooperative. Since then, Pepito’s has been running on a business model centered on a co-op system.

At the height of COVID-19 restrictions, Pepito’s Paletas quickly pivoted from large catering events to small gatherings by launching Pepito’s World Tour that features delectable tastes from around the world. The tour started in Mexico, Thailand, Philippines and Hawaii and will continue bringing recipes from around the world. Pepito’s Paletas will be traveling to Italy in 2021 for their world tour.

Learn more about Nancy Rosales ventures by visiting her websites.

Instagram: @pepitospaletas: @NRConsulting; @EasyVideoSuccess



  • Johanan Dujon

Algas Organics is the first indigenous agricultural biotech firm in the Carribean. Through the company’s efforts, the Carribean is rid of more than 2 million pounds of seaweeds, invasive plants every year. Not only does it help the ecosystem, but it also helps in the country’s tourism. 

CEO Johanan Dujon founded Algas Organics so he can convert plants into organic products like fungicide, pesticides, and fertilizers. Since it was founded, the company has scaled their revenue and helped the environment in the process. This year, the company has over $2 million in revenue from investments and sales. 

Instagram: @algasorganics

Twitter: @algasorganics



  • Winnie Karanja

Winnie Karanja used her skills and passion for change to create her company, Maydm. Maydm is a platform that provides opportunities for young girls and women of color to improve their skills and knowledge, so they can compete in the real world. 

It was founded in 2015 with the same vision that has kept it running until now: empowering women of color to create better futures for them. As a woman of color herself, Winnie understands the woes of her community, so she is using Maydm as a tool to help others like her. 

Twitter: @maydmtech



  • Misael Aydiko Ayele

Misael Aydiko is an experienced Chief Executive Officer with demonstrated history of working in the hospital and healthcare staffing industry. Misael is a man of many things. He is a  CEO, a serial entrepreneur, an insurance broker, a venture capitalist, consultant, and headhunter

Misael is a strong business development professional who is skilled in coaching, sales, executive search, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Sales Management. He’s focused now on diversity and inclusion. For him, he is working hard to better diversify the opportunities for those who work hard.



  • Daniel Chalmeta

Daniel Chalmeta is a strategist with a strong passion for technology, partnerships, and digital marketing. He works as a Partnerships Manager at Facebook and Instagram based in Madrid and manages strategic relationships with key media publishers (digital publishers/broadcasters) and people publishers (public figures/creators). He also writes about business, culture, diversity and technology for different media, including HuffPost, Thrive Global and New York Weekly, being featured as a Top Writer in Medium for the business and marketing categories.



  • Christian Kevin Martinez

29-year-old entrepreneur Christian Kevin Martinez is an expert in crypto currency and stock trading. The Chicago-born entrepreneur grew up with a fascination for new inventions and advancements. Kevin was also a big risk taker; so when he turned 18, he began using his knowledge to flip electronics on EBay. 

After his education, he worked for a 9 to 5 job but he eventually found his calling in the commercial world. Taking a big risk, he left his job and pursued crypto currency and stock trading, like Bitcoin Ripple and Ethereum. Now, Christian is currently working on an AI iOS-based entrepreneurship application that helps people become efficient entrepreneurs.

Instagram: @christiankmartinez



  • Gloria kloter

Gloria Kloter (AIA, NCARB, CODIA) is an award-winning architect and interior designer from the Dominican Republic who currently lives and works in Florida, USA.

She won the AIA Tampa Bay 2020 Kelley Award. She also got recognized by NCARB, AIA Florida Architect Journal, AIA YAF Connection, and was nominated as the Women in Architecture Tampa Bay for April 2020. Gloria also travels all over the country to speak in conferences on topics around motivation, leadership, women empowerment, and trends in architecture.

Gloria does individual mentorships and even created a private Facebook group called Foreign Architects, where she grooms and gives insights to up and coming architects from different parts of the world. She also occupies a seat on the local AIA Tampa Bay chapter’s Board of Directors, where she founded and chairs the Women in Architecture and Young Architect committees.

Through her company, Glow Architects, Gloria Kloter puts foreign architects, women architects and Archi-Moms in the spotlight and shows how much women can contribute to how the world is designed and laid out.



  • Tamara La Salle Allen

Tamara Allen is a rising star in the supplemental industry with a heavy concentration in colon cleansing. She is dedicated to helping humans realize truth by cleaning out their temples. Consumer to consumer marketing is her business model and it has made her a force to be reckoned with while not having an online e-commerce presence. She started Kings and Queens Nutrition with her husband Jeremy Allen. The company is dedicated to providing a product that promotes gastrointestinal health and total body healing. She also created the Cul J 15-day Cleanse. 

Tamara has found her calling  in promoting gut health among kids and adults and has invested her time heavily in helping others cleanse and realize both spiritual awakening and financial breakthroughs are received once the gut is clean out first. Healthy gut is a prerequisite for success. Known for turning $2.31 to six figures, she gives hope to others while showing them that lack is only an illusion. 

Facebook: Kings & Queens Nutrition


  • Brandon Hensinger

Brandon Hensinger, a quad-lingual, published serial entrepreneur, has been at the forefront of many innovative and life-changing technologies in the reproductive health and genetic industry as the CEO of Avrio Genetics and its biosecurity division Bio Testing Supplies. He also has a passion for helping people fulfill their dreams. Brandon has built his career based on the principle that life and business should be an adventure, and that happiness and success comes from not following a predefined path. His ability to identify new markets and pivot to new opportunities has allowed him to build multiple international companies while also traveling the world to speak at events, and develop and coach other entrepreneurial leaders.

Instagram: @bhensinger

Facebook: Brandon Hensinger

Podcast: The Brandon Hensinger Show

The Marque: Brandon Hensinger

Twitter: @bhensinger

YouTube: Brandon Hensinger



  • Elon Musk

Elon Reeve Musk was born to a Canadian mother and South African father. He was raised in Pretoria, South Africa, before moving to Canada. He co-founded a web software company called Zip2, which was acquired by Compaq in 1999. He also founded an online bank called The company emerged with Confinity in 2000, becoming what is now known as PayPal.

Elon Musk is the founder, CEO, CTO, and chief designer of SpaceX, an American aerospace manufacturer, and space transportation services company. He is an early investor, CEO, and product architect of Tesla, Inc. 

Elon is also known for his interests in Artificial Intelligence, being the co-founder and initial co-chairman of OpenAI and the co-founder of the American neurotechnology company, Neuralink.

Twitter: @elonmusk


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