Our generation can be defined by so many things but much like how Millennials are defined by the iconic phase of Vine, Gen Z takes the crown for being the generation who find weird humour in everything.

Gen Z’s attitude and ability to turn everything into a meme is infectious and has definitely been passed onto the others as well.

The most serious of the world events go viral and become a meme in no time. Do we all remember the inauguration of President Biden where Bernie Sanders and his cute mittens stole the show and became a viral phenomenon everywhere?

Bernie has been the face of quite a few memes, hasn’t he? That is the power of the internet and well, the weird sense of humour that every one of the younger generations seems to share.

Quite a number of people have found fame through their images becoming a viral meme template. Keanu Reeves is a name we all know and love. “Sad Keanu” was born when a paparazzo clicked his picture while the man was miserably snacking on a sandwich on the benches of New York City.

Quite similarly, the “Doge Meme” was born when the photoshoot of Kabosu, the Shiba Inu, spread like wildfire all over the internet.

8 years later today, the meme and the beloved dog’s images have descended into layers and layers of internet knowledge which have given birth to meme templates one would require a little bit of the aforementioned knowledge to understand the entire significance and understanding of the meme. 

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Where Did It All Start?

Kabosu, the original Shiba Inu, was born on the 5th of November, 2002. She was adopted in 2008 after her puppy mill was shut down. Pictures of Kabosu were first posted by her owner in 2010.

Later in July 2013, online searches for “doge” started increasing and in August 2013 pictures of Kabosu were spammed on Reddit.

In December of the same year, Dogecoin was introduced, making it the first cryptocurrency to be named after an internet meme. The early months of 2014 saw Doge’s popularity sustained by internet communities on social media which was accompanied and encouraged by the growth and acceptance of Dogecoin.

“Doge” was one of the several words to be added to Dictionary.com in November 2015. Many media outlets also included Doge on their list of memes that helped define internet culture in the 2010s. In December 2019, Doge was voted the best meme of the decade and the breed, Shiba Inu, received more recognition due to the meme. 

The Sweetest Sixteenth Birthday

Our dearest Kagosu celebrated her 16th birthday recently and the posts went viral yet again. WeRateDogs is an internet page that posted the meme on their social media wishing Doge a sweet sixteen.

They wrote This is Kabosu. She just turned 16 years old. She’s a rescue Shiba Inu who changed the world with an impromptu photoshoot back in 2010. Her slightly raised eyebrows and crossed paws remain one the greatest reaction images of all time. 15/10 such legend much wow.

The post is complete with a few images of the dog, including the iconic one that inspired hundreds of memes.

The posts went viral in record time with people wishing the adorable dog in the comments and replies. In a world with a limited shelf-life of internet trends, Doge has remained evergreen since her inauguration in the early 2010s and we hope she is here to stay for a longer time.

Image Sources: Google Images

Sources: HindustanTimes, IndianExpress, CNet +more

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