May 9: There are around 20000 food outlets in tier 2 cities, 50000 in Tier 1 Cities, and multiple the ones which are not registered ranging from street food vendors to a High-End restaurant. Out of which, 25% shuts every year and an equal number of outlets open every year. This happens due to a lack of study of the Target Audience and cost control leading to losses or zero profit, even with higher sales.

If it continues the food market will have numerous outlets serving various cuisines but will lead to higher food prices, higher labor costs and higher rentals yet the quality of food and service won’t be satisfying, Says Karan Lakhani founder & Director of Cabin Vision LLP who has the experience of effectively scaling the restaurant brands nationally.

The most important secret behind making a restaurant brand successful lies within Menu Engineering keeping in mind the product cost of investing in the right kitchenware. Also, the trained manpower involved to achieve sales above expectations and quicker ROI.  

Another element that supports in creation of a winner brand is the Restaurant Conceptualisation which defines the overall theme of the outlet starting with its Name, Menu Design, Style of Service, Decor, Vibe, and Floor Plan to the restaurant Location that Enhances the look and feels of the outlet which works like a magnet to attract customers for a wonderful experience. 

Karan shares, we always practice the same theory religiously to scale restaurants successfully and the same is applied in an upcoming QSR in Hyderabad that is curated by Cabin Vision LLP and is named “Around The World” whose brand identity is created keeping in mind the trending minimal design fashion with instagrammable interior and food presentation along with a variety of global street food like Indian Rolls, Mexican & Italian authentic street food and Korean Desserts. Estimated to start operations by June 2022. 

Around the world is coming up with affordable Global Street Food and also plans to add other cuisines in months to come after their grand launch.

Cabin Vision LLP not only focuses on curating Restaurant Brands but also on Partnering with Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in FNB to boost sales through their business development programs and tested SOPs to smoothen business operations.



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