The Relationship Game: Food And Hindi TV Series!

Mystique of tastes,
Classic ambience,
Copious cuisines,
And glorious food!
All these summing up the outburst of food joints in North Campus, Delhi University.
To your surprise, every eating joint here can very beautifully be laced with a Hindi TV series.
Bringing out these ambrosial relations, here is the list of food joints which are much relatable:
1. Tom Uncle Maggi Point: Running successfully since 1996 and pleasing the taste buds of all Maggi lovers, Tom Uncle Maggi Point near Ramjas College tops the charts of the best food joints in the North Campus. The ban on Maggi didn’t push back the man behind this.
He came up with yet another brand, namely SAGA instant noodles with a much lesser lead content.
“As long as we are successful in giving it the same taste, the brand hardly comes to notice”, said Tom uncle.
Not trying to make things flaky, I relate tom uncle Maggi point with the famous TV show Kyuki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi.
IMG_20150808_155549720download (1)
 Without any dubiousness, Tom uncle and Tulsi Virani, the protagonists compliment each other unproblematically with Tulsi handling the Virani house well and tom uncle taking good care of the Maggi point. Critically acclaimed as the best serial for five consecutive years (2001-2005), the Tom Uncle Maggi Point is also running with a huge success rate since 1996 as the best Maggi Point.
Tom Uncle’s flavours and Tulsi’s ideal life lessons have won myriad hearts and they magically weave these hearts with their flavours and life lessons to call it brand loyalty!
IMG_20150808_160007212_HDRimages (1)
 Second in the list is,
2. Big Yellow Door: Scrumptious food and tantalizing ambience describes the favourite eating joint of students in north campus i.e. BYD!
Situated in Vijaynagar near GTB metro station, BYD serves the best shakes, pizzas, burgers and wraps and has the status of the KING here in north campus.
“I’m on a diet,
I’m on a diet,
I’m on a diet,
Omg, big yellow door!
Forget the diet, lets eat with delight.”
The charming Big Yellow Door can be best related to the most successful reality show hosted by the king himself, Salman Khan.
Bigg Boss is one show which entirely defines the scenario at Big Yellow Yoor. BYD is the Bigg Boss here of all the eating joints. The ambience inside the cafe is as lavish as the Bigg Boss house. The fierce fights in Bigg Boss and the battles among students to get their seats booked make them much relatable to each other. BYD and Bigg Boss have cut the mustard in their respective areas.
BYD captures whole nine yards and so does Bigg Boss!
Next in the list is a string of cafes which are not so popular, but still they continue to capture a small portion of the crowd and are thus running with a decent but a rapidly declining crowd base.
3. Sparrows, Taxi: Sparrows and Taxi are two loops on the string of cafes which are yet to be tightly tied. Situated in Vijaynagar, these two restaurants have seen unfavourable ratings and thus their customer base has been falling considerably. The blazed ambience and buttered menus are of no help to enhance the taste of the food.
Considering all this, I relate these two wrinkled flowers with the show Mad In India.
(I doubt if anybody even remembers the name!)
This was a high on the expectations comedy show by Sunil Grover, a famous Indian comedian. Having split with Kapil Sharma, Sunil Grover came up Mad In India – a show with a caked set up (the revolving stage) and deep fried star cast but probably Grover didn’t play with a full deck and thus ratings fell. Taxi and Sparrows inspite of having a vibrant ambience and menu , lag behind because of loopholes in the taste. Mad In India failed because of loopholes in the content!
Polishing of the taste is required otherwise they’ll be caught in a crossfire. Coming out won’t be easy!
download (3)download (2)
Last on my list is,
4. Idlis: A restaurant in Vijaynagar offering a perfect blend of North Indian and South Indian dishes, this is one common favourite of all. Subtle ambience, perfect taste and pocket friendly prices sum it up.
Relating it with Yeh Hain Mohabbatein  is the best I can do!
 The show gained popularity in a short span of time and it beautifully portrays the blend of two culturally different families. One from Tamil Nadu, the other from Punjab!
Hudson lane badly needed a restaurant which could compliment the taste of two entirely different cultures and thus Idlis hit the road on time. The television needed a show to highlight a similar cultural concept and so came Yeh Hain Mohabbattein. The TV show and the restaurant are uncertainly the best of both worlds!
With this my relation game comes to and end. Elvis has left the building and thus I leave all my readers to think and fantasize about more such delightful relations.
Signing off!


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