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The origin of decentralization! The essence of DWeb is a decentralized cloud computing platform


Currently the network is highly dependent on centralized servers, hubs and data centers. The centralization issue becoming more severe now and the case of “whoever has more servers and more data will have more power” is becoming so real now. The unfair distribution of data control rights has caused some centralized issues. The issues are not only bringing the restriction of users right to freely control their own personal data, but they also threatens users’ personal information security.

How to liberate user’s data from these centralized storage repositories and return them to users without of retaining the current simplicity and ease of the Internet, has become the main concern of many internet projects. The emergence of the DWeb concept has opened a new era of decentralized networks.

——How the Internet operates

Today’s network is known as an international network, or simply the Internet. It has a huge amount of networks connected by a set of common protocols which form one single huge international network. In the Internet, two computers can interact, but not through a direct connection, but by connecting to a server. In this process, the transmitted communication data will be saved in the server. With the development of the Internet, several large-scale Internet companies have gradually established their own data centers to manage centralized data clusters through their servers, and then monopolize relevant data information in the network for their own use.

——Disadvantages of modern Internet’s structure

Internet has largely affected the way of human interaction and accelerated the development of digital society’s information. Global networks inherent drawbacks still cannot be ignored. Today’s centralized servers are easily attacked by hackers, which will not only cause paralyze the server hosting pages, but also cause the leakage of user data. User’s personal data, privacy becoming profitable for some organizations. These organizations might consider of selling the relevant users information to some interested parties. The high cost and reduced processing power of today’s internet can affect the user’s experience as well. With the further development of the Internet and the continuous increase of data information, the user’s rights might continue to decrease.

——The concept and analysis of DWeb technology

World Wide Web is a global, dynamic platform with distributed graphic information system based on hypertext and HTTP. Web1.0 focuses on allowing users to click and enter; it is a one way behavior from the website to the user. On the website such as Facebook users are not only the viewer of the website, but also the creator of the content. It is easy to find out that both Web1.0 and Web2.0 run on centralized servers.

DWeb is the decentralized web which can control the web1.0 and web2.0 ecosystems. It can allow users to control their own data and decide who can use it and how to use it. As a peer to peer network, the device can not only receive and send information, but itwont  save the information in a server.

——How did the DWeb technology emerge

The Internet has become a tool of wealth for giant companies, and its centralization has caused many issues to the internet users. With the gradual maturity of blockchain technology and the application of scenarios, decentralized networks have gradually emerged and become the backbone of the original centralized Internet. With the first DWeb in 2016 we might observe some technology activities that dedicated to the protection of user’s privacy and the provision of security, DWeb’s influence has gradually expanded, and a new generation of developers and practitioners are working hard to create DWeb applications and protocols for better users serves.

——DWeb4.0 hopes

DWeb4.0 can be regarded as a combined upgrade of web3.0 and DWeb. Web3.0 emphasizes more on data protection, while DWeb emphasizes decentralization, but lacks scenario-based landing applications. While DWeb4.0 realizes the protection of data, it also increases the degree of decentralization. DWeb4.0 is actually a technical resolution which might be used for centralized issues.

Currently the development and application of blockchain is still in the early stage of development. Although many DApps based on blockchain technology most of them are still counted as a gradually developing applications. What if the server goes down? What if the server is attacked?  The increase in data donors leads to increased storage costs, and whether centralized databases can be stored is also a problem. The vision of DWeb4.0 is to decentralize servers and databases, and solve problems such as data security and collaborative operations.

The core of Dweb4.0-a decentralized cloud computing platform

The following are some prospects for the future development of the Internet:

—DWeb4.0 protects users

In the data’s era, the value of personal data is extremely high now. According to surveys, most of the collected user’s information are still getting sold in black markets. Some companies are collaborating with the black industry teams. They consciously grab more users’ information, make accurate portraits of users in multiple dimensions, and tap the potential needs of users in order to carry out advertising push and placement, and they achieve profits. The realization of DWeb4.0 will effectively help users build their own databases.

—The role of DWeb4.0 in the Internet era

In the era of the network, many companies deploy smart devices to monitor users every move, ranging from smart monitoring to smart speakers and all other IoT devices that may be hacked. If these devices will be handled improperly, user’s data will be leaked to the 3rd parties. IoT protection mechanism is not mature enough and the popularization and development of DWeb4.0 will fundamentally solve these problems, allowing users to manage all the data of their personal smart devices by themselves.

—DWeb4.0 Applications

In addition to providing data protection for individual users in daily life, DWeb4.0   can also be integrated with the Industrial Internet. DWeb4.0 has technical advantages such as credible collaboration and privacy protection; it also has broad application prospects in the fields of industrial Internet data confirmation, accountability, and transaction. It will build the technical foundation of a national industrial Internet data resource management and service system. In the future, blockchain and industrial Internet will achieve integrated development in multiple fields such as logo analysis, collaborative manufacturing, supply chain finance, edge-cloud collaboration, and industry innovative applications.

——BitDNS is committed to create a DWeb4.0 ecosystem

As a new generation of distributed DNS system based on blockchain, BitDNS focuses on providing blockchain domain name and data analysis services for blockchain networks, helping enterprises and users to participate in digital asset transactions more conveniently and safely, and manage value on the chain Data information.

As the core hub, BitDNS connected to many mainstream value blockchains at the bottom, with a distributed domain name resolution system in the middle, and the upper layer is compatible with the traditional Internet in a decentralized manner, and it supports DWeb4.0 distributed website/APP as its upper layer application.

As the builder of DWeb4.0, BitDNS provides a multi-dimensional core infrastructure. Smart contract technology provides core analysis services for DWeb4.0; OAuth2.0 and JWT technologies provide a large number of loyal users for DWeb4.0; AI personalized recommendation technology provides application distribution services for DWeb4.0; edge computing technology provides hardware for DWeb4.0 Infrastructure; IPFS and IPv8 technologies provide massive storage resources and high-speed communication networks for the DWeb4.0 ecological website/APP.

Obviously, the DWeb4.0 built by BitDNS not only solves the shortcomings of the traditional Internet to a certain extent, but also guarantees the data privacy and rights of users to the greatest extent, but also allows more novice users to participate in the construction of the blockchain.

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